Rick Ross Now Smoking Jeremy Lin Marijuana

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We all know that Miami's reigning rap king Rick Ross prefers the finer things in life, and likes to flaunt that fact on his Twitter account. Today Ross Tweeted a picture of his latest favorite product: marijuana named after New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.

"Photo: Took @stalley shopping," Ross tweeted cryptically today with a link to an Instagram picture posted on his Tumblr. (Yes, Rozay is apparently an avid user of both Instagram and Tumblr. Who knew?)

The photo was a jar full of "Linsanity OG" marijuana.

Yes, the straight-laced, Christian, Harvard grad now has a strain of sticky icky named after him. His mom must be proud.

We have to wonder how good this pot is though. If it's anything like the real Jeremy Lin, it will seem pretty good until you actually apply some Heat to it.

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Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Wow. Jeremy Lin has truly ARRIVED if there is a strain of weed named after him. The Heat got lucky once, won't happen again.


Rick Ross is nothing but a wannabe studio gangster. He actually used to be a correctional officer before he became big.


what's wrong with that? He will earn more money and stay out of jail (then everyone forgets about you i.e. DMX etc) and stay alive...Rick Ross the einstein of rappers

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