Take a Digital Video Tour of the New Miami Science Museum

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The new building at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science isn't even close to being completed, but the people behind it know a thing or two about technology. So, obviously, you can already take a tour of it. Check out the digitally rendered video below.

Oh man, that planetarium is going to be so awesome to be completely clear minded in. We can't wait to catch exhibits in there while under the influence of nothing but our naturally occurring excitement, joy and thirst for learning. Looks like an amazing place to inhale some learning.

That shark tank with a window at the bottom might scare the hell out of us, though.

Construction on the 250,000-square-foot upgrade began late last year at Bicentennial Park. The grand opening is currently slated for sometime in late 2014.

[via HuffPo Miami]

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Insiders took money
Insiders took money

No endowment. The Board refuses or is unable to donate.

Can't raise $100 mil in 8 years of failed efforts.

Watch these scammers ask for more taxpayer money for this "guaranteed to fail" scam.


Operating losses. If Miami Science Museumever gets built and open which won't happen without taxpayers putting in another $330 mil to $500 mil then pay attention to OPERATING LOSSES. This place gets almost no paying customers and WORSE it has numerous overpaid bureaucrats. High pay for easy work. Continual taxpayer subsidies will be required.


Scam from Day 1
Scam from Day 1

Dan Bell is the slickster used car salesman who lied to billionaire Philip Frost and got him to pledge a few million.

MiaSci will never get built without more taxpayer bailouts. It is a scam from Day One.

$1 Billion being stolen
$1 Billion being stolen

I feel sorry for Philip Frost. He is a smart guy who got suckered into pledging 1/1,000th of his net worth to these scammers. The first $50 million of the $300 mil is going to "soft costs". That means $45 million was stolen by insiders.

This will cost the taxpayers over $1 BILLION after debt service.

Taxpayers get screwed
Taxpayers get screwed

MiaSci current facility is dirty and gross. They are so broke and so dull they cannot raise any money and they cannot attract talented staff.

Tax money goes to increase executives already excessive compensation plans.

Taxpayers get screwed.

Fake museum
Fake museum

This fake museum used sleazy lobbyists who lied to elected officials. With no money and no savings and no donors (1 now) the lobbyists arranged the theft of 8 waterfront acres of Bicentennial Park.

Miami Art Museum has no collection and no visitors.

MiaSci is just broke.

Another Ponzi Scheme
Another Ponzi Scheme

The inexperienced losers at Miami-Dade County have not caught on that MiaSci is a joke, they have no money AND a large percentage of the $275 MILLION budget goes to fees, consulting fees, management fees and other soft costs. This swag goes to MiaSci executives and "friends and family".

Just like a Rothstein, Stanford or Madoff Ponzi Scheme. The slicksters are stealing from the taxpayers.

Who is investigating?

Miami Science Museum will fail
Miami Science Museum will fail

It is a shame this is all a big scam. The Miami Science Museum is dead broke. It has no endowment and it loses $3+ MILLION per year on an operating basis. Dead broke.

MiaSci was supposed to raise at least $100 Million towards the construction of it's new $275 MILLION concrete structure. After 9 years the fund raising has been a failure. Only $35 mil pledged from Philip Frost.

Who will pay for the $275 mil plus the debt service? Who gave up 8-10 acres of waterfront Bicentennial Park? Right, the taxpayers.

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