The Miami Mascot Madness Tournament Final: It's Hurricane vs. Hurricane

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The time has come: we've now reached the grand championship match-up of our Miami Mascot Madness Tournament. Despite some close calls in Round One, the match-ups in Round Two were both total blowouts. In fact, when we started this tournament we would have never seen this coming: It's Sebastian the Ibis, the main mascot for the University of Miami, versus The Miami Maniac, the UM mascot who restricts his cheering duties to just the baseball team.

Here are the results from round two:

Feathers and Fins: Sebastian the Ibis womps Billy the Marlins 89 percent to 11 percent. says Billy is the 10th most popular mascot in the country, but he didn't get top billing here. Unfortunately voting came in the midst of the latest Marlins mini-scandal, with team president David Samson disparaging the Magic City's intelligence.

Fuzz Balls: The Miami Maniac defeats Stanley C. Panther 80.5 percent to 19.5 percent.

The Maniac has been a really surprising force in this tournament. He narrowly squeaked by the Miami Heat's Burnie by about 10 votes in Round One, but landed a crazy landslide over Stanley here.

And now the time has come to crow Miami's favorite Mascot. It's Hurricane vs. Hurricane. Number 0 vs Number 1/2. Football vs Baseball. So, who's it gonna be?

Voting ends just before midnight on Sunday night. We'll unveil the winner on Monday.

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See, this is why Miami isn't a real sports city and never will be. College macots beating out their professional counterparts. Hopefully the next tournament are the cheerleaders for each of these teams/schools. Smart money there should be on the professional teams dance squads. Dolphins, Marlins & Heat in that order ?




Joshua nailed it - I would take almost any college mascot over a pro mascot.  I am a diehard Cane but Osceola on Renegade is bad ass. Uga, Mike and can you top that?  Geez I forgot Bevo.  College sports is about passion and winning and losing.  You turn on a pro football game at the end and if you don't look at the score and only see the players from opposing sides laughing, hugging and talking you can't tell the victors from the vanquished.  You turn on a college game, any college game and you know who won or lost by the look on their faces.

Joshua Kaufman
Joshua Kaufman

 I don't agree Jim. College sports fans are WAY more passionate than prof. sports fans nearly everywhere.

Rod Ball
Rod Ball

 I vote for Ralphie... although I have been a life-long Sebastian fan...


hard to argue - nothing quite like his handlers trying to keep up.

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