Another Miami Kid Forced to Hold a Sign on a Street Corner Because School Problems

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Apparently public shaming is the hottest parenting trend hitting Florida. Yet again angry parents have forced their kid to stand by a roadway holding a sign after problems at school. The latest kid to get the nontraditional punishment is Tarvon Young, a fifth grade student at the Richard Allen Leadership Academy in Miami Gardens, who was suspended from school for four days after planning to bully another student.

Tarvon's mother Tarra Dean was none to pleased with her child's suspension, so, according to WSVN, she decided that he should stand outside his school 90 minutes a day holding a sign that reads, "I was sent to school to get an education. Not to be a bully... I was not raised this way!"

Of course Dean, a corrections officers, is with her son through out and is making sure he stays hydrated.

It's the second time in less than a month that punishment has been used in Miami-Dade. Back in March, a seventh grader was forced to stand outside holding a sign after he received three Fs on his report card.

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I was more offended by Denise White's personal opinion being part of the report. She did it again about another story later in the broadcast. I thought anchors were supposed to report the news not commentate.

michael wind
michael wind

people are driving by looking at this sign and making accidents,lets have everyone hold a sign,my teacher is stupid,i hope the heat will win,buy pizza here,sell to us your stolen gold chains,looking for a wife,i am hungry i want to eat,tell your mother to stop sleeping with the all the man,your girl is you know what,watch out for catholic priests who like to touch boys,pull your pants up,please add more suggestion for the signs....

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

Nowadays you can’t even spank your kids. No, gotta give ‘em a time out. My dad would take time out of his busy day… to whip our asss.

there your sign


Nowadays you CAN spank your kid. There are no laws against merely spanking kids. Working in a school district with a large population of at risk youth, I hear time and time again from parents how it is illegal to give a child a spanking. Parents who claim this are wrong. Again, there are no laws here against a mere spanking, there are laws against abuse, however. If you are not referring to the law, but the trend in parenting towards time outs and not spanking, you should be less concerned with the parenting styles of others or conversely judgment from others on your own parenting style. Personally, I want to raise a child to be a responsible adult, and yes, to be a confident and happy adult. If I was convinced getting an ass whipping trumped other methods, then I would give a child an ass whipping for bad behavior. Personally, and as a person who received ass whippings, I am not convinced.

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