"Butt Cancer" Billboard Going Up Outside Marlins Stadium

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Move over, PETA -- there's a new publicity-hungry organization in town that isn't afraid to shock. To protest hot dogs, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a group of vegan doctors, is unveiling a billboard linking hot dogs to "butt cancer" right outside the new Marlins Stadium.

The news comes from Herald reporter Adam Beasley's Twitter.

Of course, we should clarify that there isn't technically any sort of disease medically known as "butt cancer," but, yes, studies show that processed meats, like hot dogs, are linked to higher instances of colorectal cancers. Cancers of your colon and rectum. Parts of your butt.

At Marlins Stadium, however, it's estimated that they'll sell more than 15,000 hot dogs on opening days, according to the Sun-Sentinel. That's a whole lot of butts at risk for cancer.

Thankfully, the stadium will also sell lots of foods that aren't linked to cancers of the butt parts, including Mahi Mahi tacos, ceviche, veggie burgers, and, naturally, peanuts and cracker jacks.

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Bee Ann
Bee Ann

it shouldn't be problem it they are eaten before they get into butt .


    Mahi-Mahi?   You mean Dolphin to those of us not testicularly Challenged.   Any  Dolphin and other Seafood have been linked to Mercury Poisoning.    Vegan foods leads to Chemical poisoning. Not to metion terminal pretentiousness.  

Every Day this country turns more and more into one giant wussy


hooray for "lots of foods that aren't linked to cancers of the butt parts"!

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