Cement Butt Doc Oneal Morris Pleads Not Guilty to Latest Charges

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Oneal Morris continues to maintain that she "really is innocent or whatever." After turning herself in on new charges filed in Broward County, the alleged "Fix-a-flat" butt doctor sent a written plea of not guilty to a Broward judge this morning.

The Miami Gardens transgendered woman was originally arrested back in November on charges of practicing medicine without a license. Authorities claimed that she injected a hodgepodge mix of of cement, superglue, mineral oil, and Fix-A-Flat tire mender into the rear ends of patients who wanted more junk up in their trunk. Of course, Morris' practices weren't exactly medically sound and many of her patients ended up having to seek actual medical attention.

Since then more victims have come forward, and Broward Sheriff's Deputies arrested Morris in March after they claim she performed similar procedures on two patients in a motel room in Dania Beach in 2009.

Morris' initial arrest made international headlines. Not because illegal cosmetic injections are all that uncommon. Sadly they're not, but perhaps because it appeared that Morris had injected her own behind to gigantic proportions.

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I wish I could say I feel sorry 4 those people.  But unless they has some sort of mental disorder, she forced them to get injected, or was a minor that didn't know any better... then that's what they dumb butts get.  Who in their "right mind" would be that dumb to let that weird looking he/she do any type of surgical procedure on them...not to mention she is not even a medical professional.  I feel of course that the he/she should get the book thrown at her, but those idiots who allowed he/she to do it to them she be mandated by the court to undergo psychiatric evaluation...if necessary treatment.   

Lady J
Lady J

Today's world isn't worried about being happy and healthy. There are to many "fake" images on tv to follow. Morris she get  charged with attempted murder for his action, and this should be a lesson learned for others


im sorry this happend to these patients, its terrible...but really? who would get injections or any other modifications from someone who looks like this? and it is common sense to get some referrals before any plastic surgery.


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