Connie Mack Gets His Daddy to Yell at Mean Liberal Media Bullies

Categories: Politicks
This weekend the Tampa Bay Times and the Miami Herald got their two top political reporters together to pen a piece about Republicans who weren't all that enthused about Rep. Connie Mack IV's Senate candidacy so far. Of course, Mack IV's biggest advantage in the race so far seems to be that he shares a name with his daddy, former Sen. Connie Mack III. Mack III is apparently a proud papa, and issued an open letter today lambasting the "left-wing" papers.

What's odd about this is that the story doesn't include a single quote from anyone associated with the "left-wing." All of the critical quotes come directly from conservative and Tea Party insiders.

Basically though, what we take away from this is that Mack IV still runs to daddy when the mean bullies make fun of him. Come on, Jeb Bush never even pulled that card.

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