Florida Poll Shows Romney Nabbing 47 Percent to Obama's 45 Percent

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Is Mitt Romney surging ahead of Barack Obama in Florida? Has the Sunshine State officially joined Mitt Nation? Did Obama really get zero bump by slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon?

Uh, no. It's only April, so we probably shouldn't pay attention to any presidential polls yet. Still, a new nonpartisan poll does show Romney inching just ahead of Obama and -- more worryingly for the prez -- opening inroads with independent voters.

The results by Purple Poll, which looked at the Romney-Obama matchup in key swing states, found a 47-45 split for Romney in Florida with 7 percent of voters undecided.

Obama still holds a slightly higher favorability rating in the Sunshine state, with 46 percent to Romney's 45 percent, but a full 50 percent say they disapprove of the president while 44 percent say the same of Mitt Romney.

Nationally, the poll found Obama still has a slight edge in swing states, polling overall 48 percent to Romney's 44 percent.

But swing state independents showed a new pro-Romney streak in the poll, saying they liked Romney's economic plan and ability to "change Washington" better.

Still, it's best to take all these numbers -- plus most other polls we'll undoubtedly be blogging your way in weeks to come -- with a huge grain of salt until we're nearer the actual election.

As the New York Times FiveThirtyEight blog points out today, in the past 10 elections, the polling leader in April only hung on to win the race in November about half the time.

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As the GOP is getting ready to steal the election in Florida just like the despicable scarecrow Bush did and before anyone votes for Mr. Romney, they should ALL read the article in the Village Voice entitled  "Mitt Romney: American Parasite". A fact based expose, it will show you what America is in for if this GOP scumbag wins. He will strip this country to the bone and throw the rest of the millions he couldn't fire when he bought and wrecked their companies into the streets for good.

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