George Zimmerman Dropped by His Lawyers After He Went Rogue

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George Zimmerman has just lost his attorneys. Well, acutally his attorneys have lost track of him. They haven't heard from him in days but know he's been making recent moves against their advice. So basically they held a news conference today to say they've withdrawn from the case.  

Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, Zimmerman's now-former attorneys, say they have "a pretty good idea where he is" but aren't quite sure because he hasn't answered the phone in two days.

"We can't represent him unless he comes forward and asks us," Uhrig says.

They also say they were unaware that Zimmerman planned to set up his own website asking for donations, and would have advised against it.

They were also made aware that Zimmerman, against their advice, independently contacted the special prosecutor charged with investigating the case in Florida. Special prosecutor Angela Corey's office refused to speak with him without proper legal counsel, however. 

Zimmerman also contacted Fox News host Sean Hannity without their knowledge. 

The lawyers think Zimmerman is experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder. 

So basically the guy who got into this mess by taking the law into his own hands has now decided to take his legal defense into his own hands. 

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"...I was involved in a life altering event....and have been forced to leave my home, my job...and ultimately my entire life."

 George, you shot and killed someone walking through your neighborhood. He is dead, and you are bemoaning how YOUR life has changed? Try walking without a loaded gun in the future.


Expand As a result of the "life altering" events on that Sunday, Trayvon Martin was "forced"--by deadly force--to "leave" his "entire life" on the pavement of a sidewalk. When an armed Zimmerman followed Trayvon against the wishes of the 911 dispatcher, he was, in fact, obliging someone else to "stand his ground." Apparently that Florida law seems only to apply to someone toting a gun who claims self defense when the other guy is dead and can't claim the same. How does it not apply to someone turning around and confronting someone who is following him in the dark of night.We are losing sight here of the core event. Let's stop arguing about whether Zimmerman said "punks" or "blacks" on the tape, or the fact that he supposedly has black friends and a Peruvian mother, as if that should exonerate him from creating a situation where he felt justified to use deadly force against an unarmed teenager. Consider what you might do on a dark night when followed by someone on the street. According to Florida law, Martin had every right to turn and confront his stalker. Zimmerman precipitated this death. Racism is beside the point.


They haven't heard from him for 24 hours and they panic ... these guys should be embarrassed by their actions. It looks like Zimmerman got exactly what he paid for -- nothing.


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I don't understand what is going on with this case. Whether this was a hate crime, or a well intentioned vigilante's worst mistake, an unarmed teenager was killed, and that is the bottom line. The problem lies in the wording of the Stand Your Ground law; deadly force should never be allowed when you are the one provoking the initial confrontation. 


It is absolutely insane that this has become a purely political case.  Why in the F would Sean Hannity be involved at all?  This is a murder case.  He is a media pundit.  I sincerely believe that he causes Republicans much more harm than good.  The good news is - as long as he is involved in trying to get a Republican elected President - it will never happen.

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Uggggh, Sir Sausage was right.

It's always the last paragraph....



There are hundreds of articles about the Trayvon Martin tragedy. The outrage is not because a white man killed a black man -- but because the Sanford police department covered up the murder. 

- What if the police department were the NYPD? 

- What if the victim had been kidnapped and threatened with death by NYPD detectives? 

- What if the victim requested protection form the FBI? 

-What if the victim posted a Youtube video revealing felonies by a NY State Supreme Court Judge, and NAMED the people who were going to kill him? 

-What if the victim was then bludgeoned to death on a deserted street, miles from his home? 

-What if the ER doctor lied about the cause of death, claiming the victim died of an “aneurism” with "no trauma". 

-What if NYPD detectives illegally removed the body from the hospital hours after death and sent it to the morgue for cremation, claiming claiming "natural death". 

-What if the Medical Examiner contradicted the NYPD and the ER and ruled the cause of death “Blunt force trauma with skull fractures and brain injuries” & the manner of death "suspicious". 

-What if the NYPD denied all FOIL requests for information? 

-What if the Commissioner of the NYPD ignored letters requesting an explanation? 

- What if THEN - as in the Trayvon Martin case - the police refused to investigate? 

Those are the precise circumstances of the death of corruption whistleblower Sunny Sheu, yet not ONE mainstream media venue has reported this story.

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