Hillary Clinton Parties at Cuban-Themed Bar, Sparks Dumbest Scandal Ever

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via Sky News
One British channel's take on the shocking scandal.
Forget about the Secret Service agents and their Colombian hookers. Ozzie Guillen praising Fidel Castro? Old news. The raging hot scandal this morning, according more than 100 articles on Google News at last count, is that Hillary Clinton spent last night in Cartagena dancing and drinking beer at a "Cuban-themed" bar named -- gasp! -- Club Havana!

OMFG! What are the implications for U.S.-Cuba relations? Did Hillz send Fidel drunken, badass texts about her night dancing to his homeland's music?

In the long, tedious annals of cooked up Cuban-American scandals, can we all agree this is one of the dumbest?

Hillary Clinton didn't secretly jet to Cuba to party like James Bond. She didn't pen discreet love letters to Raul. She didn't even tell the world she "respected" Fidel for not getting killed, like a certain Miami baseball manager.

All she did was drink a couple Aguilas and dance to some salsa with her staff in a Colombian bar called "Club Havana." Like a lot of Cuban-themed bars, the place is more an ode to pre-revolutionary Havana's swinging heyday than a pro-Castro hangout for Che fans.

Her reward is headlines like this gem in the New York Post: "Hillary Havana Heck of Good Time." What does that even mean?

The Post even goes so far as to ask Hillary's spokesman about "the implications of America's top diplomat partying at a Cuban-themed hotspot;" the poor flak declined to answer, presumably while searching for a gun to blow his brains out.

We can't wait for the Vigilia Mambisa protest over this one.

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G/L Solidarity...
G/L Solidarity...

She's a drunk having fun with her sister lesbians, there's no harm in that, it's called solidarity, no...?

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 You better watch out,

I think she's a guy,

I'm not quite sure,

But somethin ain't right...

Hilary Clinton's Coming to town


smdh i agree stupidest "scandal" ever. Girl cant even have fun without it being a big freaking deal. she had a few beers and danced... so what! just like anybody else on a regular weekend. Her being in a "cuban-themed" Colombian bar has NOTHING to do with US-Cuba relations. give me a break!

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

No scandal as far as I've read, you're the only ones that have called it that.

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