How to Save Florida's Economy: Make Everything a Nudist Colony!

Like many small business owner on Florida, Paul Hodges has been struggling over the past few years. His Cocoa Beach motel, the Fawlty Towers, has seen its profits plummet. So, he's come up with a new plan to jolt his bottom line. Starting tomorrow the Fawlty Towers will now be a nudist colony. Nudity: it's clearly the Sunshine State's ticket out of the recession. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

"It's sort of a make-or-break situation. We can't pay ourselves in winter. We had to scrap health insurance," Hodges tells USA Today. "Every year it gets a little bit worse."

He blames competition from corporate chain hotels, and after several years of thinking about making a change he finally proposed the idea of converting to a clothing option resort to the motel's co-owner, his ex-wife. She loved the idea.

"It's just a niche in the market. There's no competition in 100 miles," Hodge says.

Weekend bookings are already filling up.

This naked business plan isn't totally without precedent. Supporters of Miami's own nude beach in Haulover Park claim that it attracts more tourists dollars than the county's three pro-sports teams combined. Pasco County has contemplated using to tax dollars to promote itself as a haven for nudists.

Clearly more buttocks, as smooth and exposed as our governor's head, are the path forward for Florida's economy!

Light attendance at your yoga studio? Have you tried offering hot, nude yoga?

Slow business at your restaurant on a Monday? How about offering a clothing optional dinning night? (Just don't order the fish).

Trying to attract patrons to your community theater? Have you thought about offering Shakespeare in the nude?

Ain't nothing wrong with the body God gave you. Besides, we all have the Internet now. No one should be shocked by nudity anymore, and there's hardly a business out there that couldn't benefit from offering some services to nudists.

Except clothing stores. Sorry, clothing stores. Maybe try stocking transparent rain coats?

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If we could only get the entire state to realize the financial gain that naturists can bring. The money generated at Haulover is remarkable.


I guess it will get all of the folks from the north end of Playalinda beach somewhere to go without being in fear of getting arrested.  

Great idea!!!  

The Terra Cotta Inn
The Terra Cotta Inn

We congratulate Fawlty Towers on going clothing optional. Nude sunbathing resorts are big business in the US. For instance our resort, Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California received a Los Angeles Times Readers Choice award last summer for being the most popular of ALL small resorts in Southern California. And you are right, Haulover nude beach is the most popular nude beach in Miami and it is a major driver of tourism in your area just like we are in Palm Springs as nude sunbathers would not be going to Miami if it wasn't for Haulover.

So congrats to Fawlty Towers. We hope many more businesses and cities see the light and realize that nude sunbathing tourism is booming. 

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