"Jewcan Sam" Plastic Surgeon Cancels Music Video Contest

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Fun is not really in the job description of being a doctor. Bal Harbour plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer found that out the hard way after facing heat by commissioning a teen-targeting music video promoting nose jobs called "Jewcan Sam, a Nose Job Love song." Salzhauer even planned to have people submit their own version of the video for the grand prize of a trip to Miami, but he decided to cancel it after the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) became concerned.

Last month the video went viral for all the wrong reasons, and some critics even claimed it was anti-Semitic. It now carries a disclaimer.

"I do want to stress that some people stated they felt this video was anti-Semitic, and that couldn't be further than the truth -- I am Jewish, as are all people involved with the video," Salzhauer said in a release. "If we can't poke fun at ourselves, then this world has become much too serious."

Of course, that doesn't really address the fact that the video also featured someone in blackface, or the myriad of other ethical issues.

Salzhauer has decided to cancel the music video contest, but he won't let the publicity die down without some sort of contest.

"I have been amazed at the media attention this has created," he said. "I was just having a bit of fun creating a parody video and song. I do understand the ASPS's point of view, though my intention was not to hurt anyone's feelings, but to have a little fun. We are currently working with the ASPS to determine acceptable details and create a new contest."

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Rabbi Locust
Rabbi Locust

I'm Jewish and my nose looks fine.  Sounds to me like he's trying to tell Jewish people that they're not good looking until he cuts their noses off.  Then we can all look like Michael Jackson with button noses or porn stars with giants lips and tits.  

He says it's only Jewish people making fun of ourselves but take a look at what he is doing.  Using the internet, he's encouraging young people to think up anti-Jewish songs for a reward.  It all sounds rather Hitlerian if you ask me.    

michael wind
michael wind

he was just trying to make more money,he just a friend of michael szafranski and other greedy people from 33154 the most corrupt area in florida.


There we go.....I guess if you are Jewish, you are not allowed to be financially successful without being called greedy (jew).

michael wind
michael wind

i never said that,do you any reference to that in my comment,do not corrupt my comment,....and please dont be a yenta,i know the doctor and entire family,and everyone in those little shtetlah.....and i am a jew.,i guess you from that area perhaps surfside where all the ureman live.

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