Kit Durant, 16, Killed His Mother and Lived With Decomposed Body

Last night, Miami-Dade Police made a gruesome discovery. The body of 35-year-old Renette Emile was found in a bedroom of her apartment in the Jade Winds complex in the 1700 block of Northeast 191st Street. Police now say that her 16-year-old son Kit Durant has confessed to killing his mother and living with the body for several days.

Police responded to the condo after Emile's boyfriend reported that he had not heard from her in days.

Durant and his 3-year-old brother were not at home when police made the discovery. Eventually the two boys returned. The 3-year-old was put in the custody of other family members and Durant was detained for questioning.

According to CBS Miami, he confessed to the killing, and said that he and his brother remained in the home for more than a week with the body.

Durant even said that he had friends over while his mother's dead body was in the bedroom.

A cause of death has not yet been determined.

Police had responded to the home twice before, once for a domestic violence situation, and the other time after receiving reports that Durant was driving erratically in the complex's parking lot.

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Kit Durant and Trayvon Martin went to the SAME High School, Dr. Michael Krop Senior High school. I send 2 of my 3 sons there every school day to allegedly get an education. What am I teaching them? They have faced difficulty there and learned many lessons not on the curriculum.


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Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Surely race baiters Sharpton and Jackson are going to be all over this.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 where is jesse jackson when Fourteen people have been shot and two are dead in what may be one of the worst mass shootings in South Florida history?

Fourteen people have been shot and two are dead in what may be one of the worst mass shootings in South Florida history. A 5-year-old girl, identified by her family as Mckayla, was shot in the leg and hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital along with eleven other victims.

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