Lawsuit: Carnival Cruise Employee Strip Searched a 17-Year-Old Girl UPDATED With Response

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Carnival Cruise Lines hasn't had much good PR recently, what with that protest against its tax shenanigans and labor policies, the horrific and deadly Costa Concordia accident, and its plummeting stock.

A lawsuit claiming that employees forced a 17-year-old girl to remove her tampon and then strip-searched her for weed is not going to help the locally-based company, which is helmed by Miami Heat owner Micky Arison.

According to the recently-filed lawsuit, the girl -- only identified as J.G.-- was on the unfortunately-named Sensation in April 2011 when she took a jaunt ashore in Nassau, Bahamas. Upon her return, according to the suit, an employee found a small bag of "green leaves and substance" on the floor of the elevator with J.G.

That's when things got ugly. Without contacting her parents, the suit claims, three female employees interrogated the girl about where the marijuana came from. They then "threatened" and "coerced" her into lifting her dress to her waist. They made her remove a tampon and (this is indeed a scary quote) "her genital cavity was inspected visually by the female currently known only as LETICIA."

Two male employees were in plain sight of the strip search, according to the suit. She also was made to urinate in front of the crowd.

J.G. was taken off the ship and placed in Bahamian jail, where she spent the night and was "assaulted", according to the suit. Reunited with her mom, they found their own way home to Florida two days later.

J.G. claims no marijuana was ever found on her person-- which is kind of a bummer after strip searching a minor.

Courthouse News Service has uploaded the complaint here. We've left a message for Carnival, but have not yet received any response.

Update: Spokesperson Aly Bello has sent us a statement: 

Carnival does not typically comment on pending litigation, but feels compelled to do so given the far-fetched claims made in this lawsuit.  The claim that the plaintiff was strip searched is patently false, and obviously made in retaliation for the cruise line having disembarked the plaintiff and her mother part-way through the voyage in Nassau where the plaintiff was taken into custody by the Bahamian police. 

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Each year there are millions of travellers that take cruise holidays and by sheer numbers there will eventually be incidents of varying types and degrees. Carnival just needs show some common sense and show they are being proactive in finding out the true story and then publicly address the claim. 


I really hope this story is made up for Carnival's sake, they will not be trusted as a choice for cruise holidays  until this is cleared up. Looks to me like this could be made up because they are trying to get back at Carnival.

Neil's Ghost
Neil's Ghost

The Heat owned by billionaire Micky Arison refuse to pay rent for the AAA Arena on taxpayer owned waterfront land. Cheap jerk.Here here!!!!!!

Deadbeat Arison
Deadbeat Arison

The Heat owned by billionaire Micky Arison refuse to pay rent for the AAA Arena on taxpayer owned waterfront land. Cheap jerk.


People, relax. This is obviously a lie. They smoked a little, got caught and turned over to the police so they are now trying to get back at Carnival for everything. There is no way this could have happened, no employee will ever search a passenger this way. By the way, there is very little chance of an employee being in a guest elevator to begin with. It is not allowed for crew or staff to use guest elevators.

What the what?
What the what?

What do you expect from the worlds skankiest cruise company. Super classy


Really?  And how could you possibly know that?  Do you know each and every single employee who works for Carnival personally, and know for an absolute fact that not a single one of them would be capable of such a thing? ! 

Cruise employees aren't even allowed on guest elevators?  Oh?  Then what was the cruise employee who found that baggie on the floor of that elevator with the 17 year old girl, doing on that elevator in the first place?  If that cruise employee was riding an elevator s/he wasn't even allowed on, then what else are they doing that they're not allowed to do?  Like, maybe, stalking 17 year old girls around cruise ships, for the very purpose of planting marijuana on them, so they can use to intimidate their victims into silence about the nasty things they do to get their sick perverted kicks?  Not possible, huh? 

The fact is that another Carnival Cruise employee, 35 year old Kert Clyde Jordan, is currently facing federal charges for sexually assulting a 14 year old girl., luring her into a bathroom where he allegedly raped her.  That was on the Carnival Liberty.  That just happened this past November, and the case has not yet been resolved.

Yet another Carnival Cruise employee,  30 year old Heri Krispiyanto, was also accrused of raping a 14 year old girl on the Carnival Freedom.  I don't know that current status of that case, but I do know he flunked the FBI lie detector test. 

And even more recently, a cruise employee, 25 year old Fabian Palmer, was charged with raping yet another 14 year old girl -- luring her into the men's locker room. If you google the case, you will see that not only does he admit to having sex with her (only he claims it was consensual), but also posing rather proudly for pics!  That just happened in January, and in fact, was the 3rd reported sexual assult of a young (minor) girl traveling with her parents, by a cruise ship employee in just 2 months!  The other 2 victims were ages 15 and 13! 

Then there were the 2 Carnival Cruise employees working on the ship Elation, who were also both accused of raping 2 women.  Apparently, the FBI didn't have sufficient evidence to charge them, but they were both fired by the cruise ship, because regardless of whether they raped the women or not, they violated the rules by having sex with passengers! 

Oh, and let's not forget Kaloyan Kaloyanov, who had been on the "Most Wanted" list in the City of Fremont California since 2002, for raping a 15 year old girl he was coaching.  He was finally captured while working as the manager of the hair salon onboard the Carnival Cruise ship, Spendour. 

Let's also not forget Laurie Dishman, who was raped by a Cruise ship employee -- a janitor who already had a long history of sexually harrassing female passengers!  Her assault spearheaded the federal "Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010", sponsored by her congresswoman, Doris Matsui, as a direct result, and provides protection and support for cruise victims and their families, and also requires cruise ships to report these crimes, and turn over their records to the FBI as soon as they reach port.

Not possible, huh?  Please!  Sexual assault and rape onboard cruise ships is actually fairly common, and at least one study indicated that approx. 50% of these crimes are perpetrated by cruise line employees.  If you don't believe me, google it for yourself. 

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