Marco Rubio Receives "Credible" Threats, Police Watch Miami House and D.C. Office

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Marco Rubio at the moment is trapped in that strange limbo -- let's call it the Biden Zone -- where half of America assumes he's going to be a vice presidential nominee but nothing is official yet. That means despite daily national press and a starring role this week sharing a stage with the GOP's nominee, Mitt Romney, Rubio doesn't yet have the perks of a VP candidate. Like, say, Secret Service protection.

That doesn't mean the threats from yahoos will wait until the nomination is secure, though. Police this morning monitored Rubio's West Miami home and D.C. office after he received "credible" threats yesterday.

Capitol police didn't specify the nature of the threats, the Miami Herald reports, but they were serious enough to warrant the bi-state protection.

It's probably no coincidence that the threats came just a day after Rubio's biggest appearance yet with Romney, a speech in Pennsylvania that many saw as a kind of audition for Florida's junior senator to be Mitt's No. 2.

At noon today, Rubio will be back on all the cable news feeds when he gives a "major speech on the future of U.S. foreign policy" at the Brookings Institute. Capitol security will likely have a heavy presence at the speech, the Herald reports.

Mitt: Just make it official already so the Secret Service can step in. That way we can go back to telling the world what a Tea Party-baiting hypocrite Rubio is without having to worry for the guy's safety.

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Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 Marco Rubio is really full him selve. The rest of us - High Schools, police, the public at large - have to deal with the nuts that are out there. . Excuse me, there are many of us that are targeted daily and deal with it. used own money not the tax payer for your police.


BREAKING NEWS! The source of these credible threats has been identified - fact based questions.


Rubio is Cuban-born, and his father did not file paperwork on time.  He's qualified for what office here?

More generally, Cubans are way out of touch politically with the rest of the Latin community in the U.S.  (Psst:  Los Hermanos Bush are not your friends!  They would send you packing off back to Havana in a heartbeat.)

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

Marco Rubio is really full of himselve. The rest of us - High Schools, police, the public at large - have to deal with the nuts that are out there. . Excuse me, there are many of us that are targeted daily and deal with it. used your own money not tax payer money ahole

The same Marco Rubio? That Talks Big but Fails to Deliver?

Running on Empty A Cuban on the ballot means nothing to the general population ofthe Hispanic community other vs. Cubans: Is There A Double Standard On Illegal Aliens?

Seems like a double standard. If you come from Cuba you are granted automatic residency, but if you come from other countries you need to have the proper documentation

Will the Birthers Scrutinize Marco Rubio's U.S. Citizenship?

Marco Rubio born to Cuban exiles? Not true, after all."Marco Rubio Lied About His Cuban Exile Immigrant Background"

spented thousands with GOP credit card

Why keep trotting out this Marco Rubio character? He has nothing to say and basically no one gives a

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