Marlins' Reality Show Trailer Shows Ozzie Guillen Being Suspended By David Samson

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The second season of The Franchise, Showtime's baseball "docudrama" (a fancy word for reality series) isn't supposed to debut for months. Of course, this season the show is following the exploits of the Miami Marlins, and the season has already had its fair share of drama. So, Showtime is rushing a sneak peak of the season to premier this Saturday at 9 p.m.

Yeah, obviously it's because of manager Ozzie Guillen's Castro comments uproar, and the trailer includes footage of Guillen being informed of his five-game suspension.

Clearly Guillen is shaping up to be the star of the show here. Not that that is much of a surprise. The guy's personality is tailor-made for reality TV.

Otherwise it doesn't seem there's that much interesting going out. President David Samson walks around doing his business guy shtick. Owner Jeffrey Loria talks hot air about buying art and how building a baseball stadium is like giving birth.

Even the pre-season, media-fueled storyline of some sort of Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez feud is downplayed. The two are shown playing video games. Well, it is kind of a heated video game session, but nothing we really want to watch that long.

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Marlins stole $3 BILLION
Marlins stole $3 BILLION

We would like to see the midget David Samson and the disgraced owner of the Marlins answering questions from a Senate sub-committee. First question, "Mr. Loria, how many politicians did you bribe?". To midget Samson, "Mr. Samson, did you carry bribe money in cash in brown paper bags or did you wire to offshore accounts."?


It's not enough that the Marlins tricked the citizens into financing the stadium. They follow that up with Sampson laughing about it. Then Guillen, who truly leans left, says an incredibly stupid thing. He follows that with wearing a police baseball cap while he is interviewed following his first game back (what a clown)! If your still not offended, the blipping Marlins now will sell the Cuban "pain" to Showtime. I will never set foot in that stadium. The marlins are a joke, they even exploited Ali!

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