Miami Dolphins Cornerback Vontae Davis's Brother Arrested, Suspected in D.C. Murder

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Chris J Nelson
After 29 years of questionable first-round draft picks, the Miami Dolphins picked up Texas A&M Quarterback Ryan Tannehill at yesterday's NFL Draft.  For fans and players alike, the day should've been a celebration, a glimmer of hope that the Dolphins' upcoming season wouldn't end miserably. For cornerback Vontae Davis, however, April 26 was a nightmare.

According to NBC 6, Davis' younger brother Michael was arrested in Washington D.C. after allegedly assaulting a woman with a hammer. To make matters worse, he's suspect in the killing of a 66-year-old man on Tuesday.

Police say that Davis is also under investigation for a string of similar attacks that left several victims with severe head trauma. But so far, Davis is only facing the one count of aggravated assault.

"At this time we are continuing to investigate and process evidence to determine if this case may be linked to the prior three cases that occurred in the Petworth neighborhood over the past 72 hours," Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier tells The Washington Times.

San Francisco 49ers' Vernon Davis, Michael's older brother, addressed the situation via Twitter.

"Just got a disturbing call from back home in washington dc," Davis tweeted. "A good day gone bad! Hopefully he wasn't involved!"

Understandably, Vontae Davis has yet to comment on the investigation.

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What a surprise. Hope they strap him into Old Sparky and fry his ass if he's convicted of using a hammer on that woman and killing a 66 year old man. Or better yet let us take the ball peens to his head. If only they had the Capital Balls of Courage in DC. 


Its understandable that what hes accused of is absolutley wrong.... My question is when does this eye for an eye philosophy ever make things right?? Its so easy to throw the book at people we dont know. But for those we do know its easy to forgive because we care for them.... where is the reward in only doing for those we love?? if we extend our hands to others maybe we could make a difference... but if we continue with a murederous attitude it will always remain the same.....

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