Miami Police Want Your Old Drugs, Please

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Are loads of half-empty hydrocodone bottles clogging up your medicine cabinet? Do you still have that Xanax prescription in your nightstand even though you stopped taking it because you swore it made your crazier? Do you just have so many drugs you don't even know what to do with them?

Well, the DEA and local police departments would like to take them off your hands.

Several local departments will be taking part in the DEA's National Take Back Initiative Collection day. Select Miami, Miami-Dade, Aventura, Medley, and Miami Gardens police stations will be waiting around on Saturday, April 28, hoping that you'll stop by and drop off your leftover stash of prescription medications. You can find a list of collection sites here.

Don't worry, there are no questions asked. However, non-prescription drugs will not be collected. So, you know, don't walk into a police station with a brick of coke.

This will be the third year of the DEA's Take Back Day, and so far 500 tons of old pills have been rounded up nationally.

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Drug Addiction Treatment
Drug Addiction Treatment

This is an alright idea, but I don't see how it's really going to help.  People who are actually addicted to RX pills are just like any other addict - they have a disease, and they need treatment to stop.  Anyone who's addicted isn't going to just take their pills to the nearest drop-off.  All that being said, I certainly hope this program prevents at least a few people from getting hooked in the first place.


to infect and sever


Fundraising time for them already?

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