Mitt Romney Gets Stuck With Rick Scott's Endorsement

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Congratulations, Mitt Romney! You've won the least sought-after endorsement in the Republican Party. 

Perennially unpopular Florida Gov. Rick Scott officially endorsed Romney today just hours after Rick Santorum announced he was suspending his campaign -- a move that finally leaves Romney as the unquestionable Republican nominee. 

Of course, sometimes winners can be losers, as Romney has now gotten the Scott stamp of approval. 

"There is no question that Rick Santorum ran a hard-fought campaign," Scott's statement read. "I commend his passion and his willingness to put the best interest of our party and nation first.  

"Mitt Romney will be our party's nominee, and it is critical that all Republicans coalesce behind Governor Romney and focus on electing him as president so he can put the policies in place to create jobs, turn our economy around, and get federal spending under control." 

Scott has been dogged by some of the lowest approval numbers of any governor in the nation, and no candidates publicly sought his endorsement. 

Of course, Scott can't just pretend he's become a liability for the GOP. So he waited until the safest possible time to finally speak up on the matter. 

Unfortunately for Romney, the Scott endorsement comes within a day of another controversial Scott veto. Scott just vetoed a Republican-authored bill that received bipartisan support (it passed 80-0 in the Senate) that would have sent nonviolent drug offenders to treatment programs rather than jail. Even the most conservative Republican state legislators are pissed at him for axing that one.

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I mean, i hope the state of Florida does not make this "scott" again and repair that error. I'd like to recall this guy and have him recycled. Maybe some nice fertilizer comes out of it.....


Newsflash just for lefty loons, Sorry your voting for Santorum did not work out it's pretty much a sure thing now your destruction will come to an end very shortly. The people will not be fooled again, and you may as well finger paint Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Wisconsin your favorite color Red be ahead of the curve for once. Guess to make is simple for you the only States BO will win will be ~ New York, California, Delaware, Illinois, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota(of course), New Jersey, Hipee Oregon, Vermont, D.C., and maybe Washington that's it he will win no others and those are not a sure thing they amount to 155 electoral college votes Half of what he would need to be re elected. lol good luck, he lost the White vote, the young vote, a big chunk of the latino vote, a couple points off the 98% black vote, and now is loosing his most important vote by stupid comments about Ann Romney the Women Vote.

Loly Smith
Loly Smith

Gov Scott needs to go!

Please go and sign the Petition below! and pass it on to everyone you know.

If the address below does not work go to Google and type in: Signon Florida Right of Recall.

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