Video: WSVN Anchor Makes Incestuous On-Air Blooper

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You always have to watch your tongue when you're on the air; otherwise you could end up accusing your co-anchor of having incestuous relationships with her kids. That's what WSVN's Today in South Florida host Diana Diaz recently did when she flubbed an ad-libbed line about cohost Christine Cruz.


Oh, oh! She meant "texts from her kids." OK! I don't really need deeply disturbing revelations like that during my morning newscasts, even if it is "if it bleeds it leads" WSVN.

[via SFLTV]

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The Bimbos are alive and well at WSVN. 

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

  Aaaaaaaaaaauuuuggh! I can't take it no mo'

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Jillian Barberie (Reynolds) at the time, had a one night stand with Jessica Aguirre back in the 90s. Lots of drunken carpet munching. Sally Fitz used to bang the boss (ansin) and had an adult toy stuck in a dark, smelly orifice when she went to the emergency room. Just another day at WSVN. Oh and let's not forget Bill Kamal. Wannabe child molester.

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