WSVN Thinks FIU Golden Panthers Are in NHL Playoffs

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Riptide has gone on record admitting we don't know much about hockey, but at least we're able to tell the difference between the collegiate FIU Golden Panthers (who do not have a hockey team) and the NHL's Florida Panthers. Apparently WSVN knows less about hockey than we know.

Via SFLTV, here is WSVN's sports logo flub.

In case you're not clued in, the Florida Panthers actually lead the New Jersey Devils 2-1 in their first playoff series in years. If the Panthers finish off the Devils, it would be their first playoff series win since 1996.

WSVN, meanwhile, seems to be on something of a blooper roll lately.

We guess you're bound to screw up every once in a while when you air about a million hours of news programming every week.

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Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 Does Florida have a Professional hockey team?


Well it's kind of expected for the gay-friendly news channel to screw up the sports segment!

E t
E t

Stereotype Prejudice...

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