A Fetish for Girls' Used Socks Puts Florida High School Employee Behind Bars

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Athletic socks are meant to to protect shoes by sopping up foot sweat. They are perhaps the most utilitarian and least sexy of all clothing, yet the freakier among us seem to get worked up at just the thought of them. Which is fine, as long as the fetish doesn't involve children. 

A Florida high school employee's sock fetish crossed the line from innocent kink to predatory perversion, though, and he was busted for soliciting girls to give him their used socks. 

Robert Mark Van Wagner, a 33-year-old media specialist at Jensen Beach High School near Port St. Lucie, was busted Saturday after approaching a group of girls at a nearby park.

According to TCPalm, Van Wagner parked his beige pickup truck and approached three girls between the ages of 12 and 13. Holding a bag of unworn socks, he asked the girls if they would run around the park in the socks and then return them to him when they were done. The girls refused, and police became involved. 

Officers spotted Van Wagner's truck driving by later and arrested him on a felony charge of  lewd or lascivious exhibition committed on or in the presence of persons less than 16, along with a misdemeanor charge or loitering and prowling.

According to the arrest report, Van Wagner told police that he was acting on a fetish and that for years he'd been soliciting girls for their sweaty socks. 

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This is unbelievably creepy and inappropriate. But I'm confused, what law did he break exactly?


Robert Mark Van Wagner...Gee I wonder which -Stan is he from? Or if he came on a raft..or or maybe he crossed the border thru Arizona...hmmmm #sarcasticstatus


from a lawyer website:

In Florida, the crime of Lewd or Lascivious Exhibition [1] occurs when a person commits any of the following acts in the presence of a child younger than 16:

-Intentionally masturbates;-Intentionally exposes the genitals in a lewd or lascivious manner; -or Intentionally commits any other sexual act not involving actual physical or sexual contact with the victim, including, but not limited to:---Sadomasochistic abuse,---Sexual bestiality, or---The simulation of any act involving sexual activity


it's good that they added "intentionally" to masturbates: I'd hate to be labeled a sex offender for scratching my balls

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