Coconut Grove Mansion Where Deep Throat's Most Infamous Scenes Were Filmed is For Sale

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Deep Throat, the pioneering 1972 porno film, was partially shot in various places throughout Miami-Dade, and now an infamous mansion that was the setting for two of the film's most infamous scenes is for sale. It can be yours for the price of $1.75 million.

Built and owned by bon vivant Baron Joseph "Sepy" De Bicske Dobronyi, the eccentric house is for sale after the "Baron" died in 2010.

Of course, the house and the history of the man who owned it have other titillating tales in their history, which you can read over at Coconut Grove Grapevine, but let's cut to the chase. You wanna hear about the dirty movie filmed here.

The film follows the plight of Linda Lovelace (playing a fictionalized version of herself), a sexually liberated woman who can't quite reach the big O. For help she visits a doctor, and well, what do you know the doctor apparently keeps his office in one of the mansion's cottages. You can watch a mostly safe for work clip here.

The room has undergone quite the makeover since, but you'll notice that the wooden walls and the distinctively textured white wall paneling still match up today.

It's in this room that the doctor discovers that Linda's g-spot is in the back of her throat.

Linda then becomes some sort of sexual nurse and visits a patient in a wine cellar.

It happens to be the same mansion's wine cellar.

The scene that takes place here is certainly one of the most shocking in the film, and involves some Coca-Cola, a surgical straw, and a glass marital aid.

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Shawn Hagood
Shawn Hagood

Ok guys enough research. Back to work. lmao


I grew up two house over from Sepy's. We were always invited to the huge parties he threw. I remember the party he threw for Christie Hefner. I was 16 and there were dancing girls and a thousand people. We miss you Sepy.

Craig Story
Craig Story

Anyone looking for a spacious home with, one would expect, wide open, inviting hallways and corridors?

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