Florida Man Arrested for Child Porn and Sex With His Girlfriend's Dog UPDATE

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Usually perverts like to keep their kinks to one genre or another, but apparently Eric Antunes's twisted sexual appetite wasn't fulfilled by just one form of deviance. Police busted Antunes, a Clearwater resident, after getting a tip he had child pornography, but then also discovered he'd been cheating on his girlfriend with her own dog. Good thing we finally have those anti-bestiality laws in Florida.

Update: Turns out Atunes worked at the Humane Society -- and his girlfriend was the Pinellas chapter's medical director. Workers at the shelter disagree about whether Atunes could have been left alone with the dogs.

Police arrived at Antunes's home after receiving the tip he might be hoarding child porn. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Antunes admitted to downloading and watching child porn and let authorities search his hard drive. Nine photos and one video were uncovered.

But when they searched Antunes's cell phone, they found something else: pictures of him having sex with his girlfriend's dog.

The alleged sex criminal was charged with ten counts of possessing child pornography. The local State Attorney's Office will decide whether to charge him on counts of animal cruelty.

As you remember, a law banning bestiality in Florida finally went into effect last October. If he's charged, Antunes could be one of the first few people prosecuted under the new law.

Update: The Tampa Bay Times reports this morning that Atunes worked at the Pinellas County Humane Society, where his girlfriend was the medical director. Atunes was a contract worker at the shelter. The society's director of development, Twila Cole, tells the Times he was "never on the property working unsupervised."

But a former co-worker contradicts that statement, telling the paper that Atunes was in charge of the medical kennels, where he would care for and walk abused dogs.

Police say they have no evidence that Atunes's girlfriend knew he was sexually abusing her pit bull mix.

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His girlfriend should be ashamed,and they should both pay a big price. I work at KHS with furry orphans getting them a new chance and hoping they never suffer again. We are supposed to be the compassionate ones and teach it to others. I am flooding my space with tears right now. CARMA is all I pray for after I pray for the animals everywhere. Karol at KHS


OMG airlift his ass into a pit of rabid fighting pit bulls and little kids get to say the attack words on this sick mother f***r


4chan.... Someone get this fucker an 8x8.

Reen B
Reen B

So he might be the first prosecuted for raping animals? What a true honor. Blech.


Children AND animals???  Lock his ass up and throw away the key!!!

Cinthia Bush
Cinthia Bush

no doubt that is so sick!! what kind of person does that? well besides him!! 

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