Jacory Harris Signs with Philadelphia Eagles But Will He Ever Make It?

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Detractors could point to the saga of Jacory Harris as a prime example of why prospective players shouldn't sign with the Miami Hurricanes. At one point he was a buzzed about potential superstar in the making. No one blinked an eye when terms like "Heisman dark horse" and "Future NFL QB" were brandied about. By the time he graduated he was awardless, un-drafted and marred by the Shapiro scandal and a whole bunch of pick offs.  

Though, there's still hope the Jacory tale could have a happy ending. He's just signed an actual contract with a Philadelphia Eagler after completing rookie minicamp with the Dolphins, but whether or not he'll ever make it the opening day roster is another story. 

Thoughts Harris could one day be an NFL QB weren't completely unfounded. The former Mr. Football Florida did rack up more passing yards and touchdowns than any single QB in Hurricanes history aside from Ken Dorsey. Of course, along with those 70 TDs, he did have 48 interceptions. 

It Wasn't Jacory's fault though that his time at UM included two head coaches and three offensive coordinators. It seemed like no one was really able to help him develop properly. Though, the NFL isn't exactly a league that likes to spend a lot of time nurturing struggling players. Though, who knows, if he gels with the right coaching staff and puts a bit more weight on his lanky frame he could have a solid career of backup QB duty yet. Yes, maybe one day he could be as good as a Dolphins starter. There's also the possibility he could switch to the running back position. 

Harris is now one of five QBs on the Eagles' roster  Mike Vick, Mike Kafka, Trent Edwards,and Nick Foles. He'd really have to impress to make it to the opening 53 person roster. 

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Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball

That was quite an impressive run that he had with the Dolphins.

It wasn't his fault that coaches got run off? Oh, he certainly had a "hand" in it. Ultimately it was Shannon that destroyed the QB depth(s) chart, but Harris was still atrocious. He never matured. If you look at the athletes this punk had to catch his ducks, combined with the soft ass ACC competition, it's not surprising that he had 70 burgers. Not only were his 48 picks really bad, he consistently threw them at the absolute worst time. Kid was just plain dumb. Find two pictures of him where he isn't slack jawed. You can't. News flash: intelligent people don't leave there mouth hanging open.


Yeah we know those other superstar qbs before him KYLE WRIGHT, and the one before him... Yeah real TALENTED qbs....get the fuck outta here....


Intelligent people don't make stupid, ignorant comments like you just did.  Pickup your jaw and close your mouth.


Ok.  Let's be REAL!

Jacory, had a lot to learn during his time at UM.  He had very little quarter back coaching  but still put up top one, two and three passing numbers in UM History.  You can't blame the entire UM downfall on one player.  Let's see what happens when he gets a real quarter back coaching a year or two to develop and really learn the position.  I am hoping he makes, regardless GO Canes. 


 I agree... Wrecking Ball and realtruth doesn't have a clue

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