Luther Campbell Alleges Drew Rosenhaus Paid Tommy Streeter $50,000 "Marketing Advance"

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Drew Rosenhaus
Earlier today, Luther Campbell dropped a bomb on Drew Rosenhaus, alleging the North Miami-based NFL super agent paid Tommy Streeter -- one of five Miami Hurricanes football players who left school early to enter the draft -- $50,000 to sign with him. The Miami New Times columnist was a guest on the 560 WQAM show hosted by ex-Cane and NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin when he made the comments.

Streeter, along with other UM underclassmen who signed with Rosenhaus, ended up getting drafted lower than most draft analysts had predicted and lost out on millions of dollars in guaranteed money. Although Streeter was picked up by the Baltimore Ravens, a team that was one win away from the Super Bowl last year and needed a third wide receiver.

Agents are prohibited from providing or offering money to prospective players or their family members and friends as an enticement to getting hired as their representative, according to the NFL Players Association's rules and regulations. However, agents routinely advance their new clients money prior to the draft, which they recoup after the players sign a contract with the teams that selects them.

Irvin called Campbell so he could elaborate on his column earlier this week in which Uncle Luke claimed that Lamar Miller, one of the former Canes who was drafted by the Miami Dolphins, had bought himself and his parents luxury cars before knowing how much money he was going to get from his first NFL contract.

Campbell told Irvin that Streeter bought a Porsche and that Rosenhaus gave the ex-Miami Northwestern High standout wide receiver a stack of cash. Earlier this year, Campbell wrote a column criticizing Rosenhaus for making a ton of money off African-American athletes from Miami. Campbell informed Irvin that he knows about Streeter's alleged signing bonus because Rosenhaus confirmed it to his wife Kristen, a Miami sports and entertainment attorney who was helping former Florida International University standout T.Y. Hilton choose an agent.

She is also a registered sports agent, but Hilton ended up picking Rosenhaus -- who according to Campbell did not want his wife to co-represent the star athlete. On the air, Campbell said:
She assisted T.Y. Hilton on deciding who his agent was going to be. She helped the family interview 20 agents. In that process, they all came in and did their presentation. Drew came and did his presentation. She asked him about promising Tommy Streeter he was going to be in the first round. He said yeah, [Tommy] is going to be a first round pick. Then she was asked what's this $50,000? [Drew said]:Yeah, I'm going to give T.Y. Hilton as well.
Campbell also claimed that Rosenhaus described the $50,000 as "a signing advance for your marketing."

When we reached Rosenhaus, he declined comment. "As a matter of policy I don't discuss agreements with my clients," Rosenhaus said.

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People in the African-American community need to go on a boycott Drew campaign. He's getting richer off the backs of blacks who are getting poorer. 


They already declared by that point.  Who cares.  Streeter's issue, not Miami's.


Drew dirty? I'm shocked there is any such thing going on here in Casablanca. Maybe if these UM kids realized that Drew was blowing smoke up their butts to sign them they would tell him to go f**k himself.

Interesting research issue: how many of Drew's ex-clients are now broke? How about all of his self dealing, referring his clients to relatives for related business?

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