Miami Marlins Are Only Floridians' Third Favorite Baseball Team

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The Miami Marlins are only the third favorite baseball team of Floridians according to a new Quinnipiac poll. Which is quite odd once you remember Florida is only home to two major league baseball teams. In fact, Florida's favorite team doesn't even play in Florida. Yes, the New York Yankees actually reign supreme as the most popular ball club in Florida.

Quinnipiac asked Floridians what their favorite baseball team is. Here are the results:

  • New York Yankees - 20%
  • Tampa Bay Rays - 18%
  • Miami Marlins - 15%
  • Boston Red Sox - 8%
  • Atlanta Braves - 7%

Yes, despite being five years older, and having two more World Series championships, the Marlins can't even muster as much popularity as the Tampa Bay Rays.

There might be a South Florida versus the rest of Florida factor at play. We all know that culturally, our part of the Florida might as well be its own state, if not its own country.

In Southeast Florida, the Marlins are the favorite team of 44 percent of residents. The Yankees come in second with 25 percent, and the Rays get zero percent.

It's the team's unpopularity in other parts of the state that bring them down. Only 4 percent of Southwest Floridians say the Marlins are their fav, 5 percent of Central Floridians are part of Marlins nation, and just 2 percent of residents in the Bay area and the Panhandle consider the Marlins tops.

The Rays have done better spreading their fan base across the state. At least 14 percent of Southwest Floridians say the team is their favorite, while 12 and 8 percent Panhandle and Central Florida residents respectively picked the Rays. And not surprisingly, 54 percent Bay area residents also picked the team as their favorite.

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Boycott marlins scum
Boycott marlins scum

Marlins President David Samson was caught on TV telling people Miami-Dade government officials and politicians were stupid and easy for him to con. He said it was easy to lie to them and con them into giving him over $3 BILLION of the taxpayers money. Marlins owner promptly bought a $40 Mil oceanfront estate, in New York. Scum.

Bad Karma
Bad Karma

Taxpayers got screwed. Baseball fans can always watch the U of M, UF, FSU and many excellent high school teams. Marlins have bad karma.


No surprise. Hard to support a team that conspired to steal over $3 BILLION from some of the poorest taxpayers in the United States.


Well Duh!

The Marlins are a National League team in a American League City


Only idiots would like the scamming sleazy Marlins team. Who could like a team that forced taxpayers to spend over $3 BILLION including interest, to build them a stadium AND they keep 100% of all revenue?

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