Ozzie Guillen Heckled by Houston Astros Fans Dressed as Fidel Castro

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Six Houston Astros fans showed up to a game on Tuesday night dressed as El Comandante
It's been one month since Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen infamously muttered his undying love for Fidel Castro. And even though Guillen apologized and the Marlins say the matter is done and dusted, the incident apparently remains pretty raw for the Marlins manager. Earlier this week, Guillen cussed out a journalist just for asking about it.

Apparently that reaction prompted a group of Houston Astros fans to don Fidel disguises and heckle Guillen on Tuesday. It didn't go well.

The C'Astros, as some have called the hecklers, showed up to Tuesday night's Marlins-Astros game in Houston wearing fake beards, revolutionary berets, and t-shirts reading "Welcome Comrade Ozzie."

According to the Facebook page of one of the hecklers, however, the six Fidelitos were eventually thrown out of the game for their antics.

"Made on tv in the fifth inning...then security gave us the big vamoose," Houston-based lawyer John Egbert wrote on Facebook.

Play-by-play commentators also noticed the hecklers. One laughingly said: "We will not root for an overthrow of Castro in this game." Cameras then cut to Ozzie before the announcer added: "When asked about that, he wasn't in a good mood."

Riptide has tried to get in touch with Egbert to hear more about the heckling and why he thinks they were removed from the stadium, but we haven't heard back yet. We'll update as soon as we do. The heckling incident appears to have been first reported by

Maybe the hecklers did rattle the Marlins after all. Tuesday night's game was the only outing the team lost during a nine-game road trip.

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I guess the astros-fanbase are tired of heckling at their own team. God what a joke of a franchise and now that they are moving to the american league, they might actually go for 120 losses. I guess if they paid to get in, they are allowed to have fun. To the guy spamming the comments board, get over it, the damn monstrosity is built and we got screwed. All we can hope for is a change of ownership and maybe a few business opening in the area. I would wish for a cat 5 to bring it all down but i dont want anybody to get new ownership it is


$30 to park?
$30 to park?

Taxpayers should heckle Jeffrey Loria and Bruno Barrerio for charging them $30 to park at the stadium that cost the taxpayers $3 BILLION, including interest.

Unfair competition
Unfair competition

Watch as the Marlins using over $3 BILLION from the taxpayers, and a sweetheart contract that let's the Marlins keep 100% of all revenues, pimp out Marlins park as a catering hall stealing business from local for-profit businesses that are forced to operate in the private sector using private money.

Recall politicians
Recall politicians

Taxpayers should be pissed at Carlos Alvarez, George Burgess, Bruno Barrerio, Marc Sarnoff and the indicted Michelle Spence-Jones. They all helped divert $3 BILLION from the taxpayers to the Canadian Jeffrey Loria.

$3 BILLION wasted
$3 BILLION wasted

Miami-Dade County taxpayers should heckle Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and his midget sidekick David Samson. Since Loria lives in New York how does anyone find him?

$3 Billion in taxes diverted.


those costumes suck.  Castro wore olive military caps, not kangels.

Michael Miller
Michael Miller

What are "kangels"? Are they a cross between kegels and Kangos?

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