Panhandle Tourism Official Spent $710K in Taxpayer Money on a Boat, Is Now Missing Dead

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You think South Florida has the state's most corrupt local officials? Not all the time. The stink of corruption likes to settle itself evenly across this great state.

Mark Bellinger, the director of the Okaloosa County Tourist Development Council, resigned this week after the local sheriff's office announced an investigation into his purchase of a $710,000 boat with taxpayer money. Bellinger has now gone missing, and his wife discovered what seems to be a suicide note. Updated.

Bellinger used the county's bed tax funds and money from oil company BP to buy the 40-foot yacht in December. He did not seek approval to purchase the 2011 Marquis 420 SC and generally kept the purchase a secret. County officials finally found out about it when the county administrator received the title to the boat in the mail.

Bellinger said he planned to use the boat as part of a yearlong tourism campaign, but offered few details.

"I did put the cart before the horse," Bellinger told the county commission. "It was a mistake in judgment on my part."

He promptly resigned shortly after an investigation into the purchase was announced.

Earlier today, an arrest warrant was issued, but Bellinger has gone missing. His 2011 silver Subaru Legacy sedan with Florida license tag 262 NFS is also missing.

His wife notified police yesterday afternoon after she discovered a suicide note in their home.

Update: Bellinger's body was found in Alabama today. He was found in his car and appeared to have died of an apparent drug overdose.

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What is wrong with Florida’s--and the rest of the country’s--public servants?!  Ron Clifton, Diana Wasserman-Rubin, Mark Bellinger, and the never-ending string of other Florida scandal-embroiled lower level and upper level employees and officials indicate that there is a serious problem plaguing the government ranks within the state.  My prayers are with Mr. Bellinger’s family; although he violated the public's trust I would have nonetheless preferred to see him pay his debt to society in a prison cell as opposed to seeing him pay the debt with his life.

Well, the below message was previously posted elsewhere.  However, it also pertains to public corruption—public corruption that has infected North Central Florida (so much that the corruption has now spread to the 2012 election process)—so it is fitting that I share it here.  The public should be aware of this as well.


Next stop Gainesville, Fla. (i.e. "Gator Country"). “Why specifically?”, you ask.

Because in Alachua County, within recent months, numerous and egregious violations of law have been committed that warrant multiple criminal prosecutions and other severe government sanctions. These crimes have had all types of deleterious effects including, but not limited to, once again placing the integrity of Florida’s election results (for 2012) in jeopardy. A few of the things that are central to this issue are:

1David P. Kreider [Mr. Kreider, a proven criminal, is a corrupt Alachua County Court judge. This criminally-corrupt judge also happens to be both (a) one of the circuit's former prosecutors and (b) a former Division Chief for the State Attorney's Office.]

2Robert Roundtree, Chief Judge for Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (he recently replaced the embattled Martha Lott who resigned from her chief judge post subsequent to becoming embroiled in this scandal which has started to implode; her resignation was announced on 04/09/2012 and was reported to have gone into effect on 04/05/2012)

3Spencer Mann, Chief Investigator for the State Attorney’s Office of Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit

4William "Bill" Cervone, State Attorney for Florida's 8th Judicial Circuit

5The conspiracy / scandal related to the "Gibson Case"

6The two irrefutable reports and extensive corroborating evidence that is in the possession of agencies, including those within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (and the aforementioned Spencer Mann and Chief Judge’s office). The comprehensive reports and evidence span a total of more than 100 pages and in-depthly detail criminal activities carried out under the color of law by criminal/judge David P. Kreider and various other co-conspirators.

complaints   -dot-   com/2012/march/14/Corrupt_Judge_David_P._Kreider_now_taints_the_ele_264712   -dot-   htm

This is the gateway to some serious corruption and a major cover-up attempt.

*Be sure to replace both "-dot-" with "." and to remove the extra spaces in order to make the above url work


did he died?


Good fuck him. No sympathy from me. Dirty thief.


C'mon man he didn't deserve to die. Nobody deserves to die over stealing. You sir are a prick.

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