Three Occupy Miami Members Arrested During May Day Protest Downtown, Police and Protesters Both Claim Violence UPDATED

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Miami Police arrested at least two three Occupy Miami members today during a May Day protest downtown. Brian Tangherlini, 22, and Rolando Prieto, 23, were arrested after ignoring orders to get out of the street, according to a police report. Tangherlini was wrestled to the ground by several officers and allegedly kicked one of them in the ribs. Prieto, meanwhile, was locked-up after telling cops: "I'm not moving from the road. I'm a tax payer."

Occupy Miami member Kevin Young said that cops provoked the scuffle with Tangherlin by driving dangerously close to protesters. Young also claimed that Tangherlin suffered a broken arm during the arrest and that a third protester was punched in the face and arrested for filming the incident.

UPDATE: A Miami PD spokeswoman says that protester Alfredo Quintana was, in fact, also arrested and is being charged with three counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and one count of resisting arrest.

Tangherlini has been charged with obstructing a public right of way and resisting arrest with violence. Prieto has been charged with the same obstruction charge (a misdemeanor) and inciting a riot for allegedly calling for the crowd to protest in the middle of the street.

New Times reached Young on his cell phone while he was still downtown after the protest. He said the protesters were walking back towards downtown from Brickell when an altercation broke out at the rear of the march.

"What I saw was two police officers pounding on a kid that couldn't have been more than 130 pounds," he said. (Tangherlini's arrest form lists him as 5'8" and 145 lbs.) "Yeah, I saw him struggling on the ground but he had four people on top of him. To try to wiggle free is human nature."

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Occupy Miami's Facebook page
Young claimed that when another protester, Alfredo Quintana, tried to film Tangherlin's arrest, a police officer punched Quintana in the face.

"The cop just swung and clocked him in the face," Young said. "He was assaulted while trying to film the incident."

Young said that Quintana was then arrested as well, although police have yet to confirm the arrest. "I guess they wanted to see what's on that recording that he took," Young said.

The Occupy Miami said protesters did not retaliate towards police. He added that prior to the arrests, the march -- to celebrate International Workers Day and protest both cuts at Jackson Memorial Hospital and corporate greed -- was going well.

"No one broke any windows or anything during the entire march," Young said. "Which, for a bunch of anarchists, is pretty good."

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Occupy Miami's Facebook page
The full-size photo depicting one Occupy Miami member's arrest
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Aria Anderson
Aria Anderson

The fact is that some police officer should take a vacation ...they obviously bring to work the frustrations of the pay cut and such, and take it on the people. Everyday we see picture of police being violent with civilians, if they are incapable of keeping the cool, they should not be at service.They have a job and some of them are not doing it right.We have no weapons, we have no bad intentions, we only want to speak our mind and bring awareness to those that are to busy to make their own research. 


How many "occupiers" actually showed up?  No photos of the thousands that were there?  In one photo it looks like more news media than occupiers.  Fail.

Brandt Hardin
Brandt Hardin

The Occupy Movement is NECESSARY for our citizens to exposethe corruption which Big Business has infected our Government with.  Every single person occupying the streets andprotesting Corporations is a hero and a patriot.  I was compelled to lend a hand and createsome new posters for the movement which you can download for free on myartist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot...


about 200. nobody said there were "thousands."

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