We Found a Baby Goat Leg In Downtown Miami

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So we were just walking through Downtown Miami, scanning the sidewalk for cigarette butts when.... AAH ANIMAL LEG!

It was loosely wrapped in paper right outside the front entrance of this construction site on Northwest 3rd Street, just a block from the Miami Police headquarters.

The rule of the Internet is you don't hit your readers with big, high-res photos of animal leg without warning them first. So... you ready for animal leg?

Now let's move on to another page so you don't have to stare at animal leg while you read the rest of this post.

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Tony Moss
Tony Moss

I can tell you where the other hind leg ended up.  I saw it lying on the edge of N.E. 3rd Street just east of Miami Avenue, across from the old David Dyer federal courthouse.  I figured someone was making a Santeria sacrifice on behalf of an inmate, and just didn't feel comfortable dropping it off at one of the buildings that's open for business.


This is so disgusting.  They dig up baby gravesites for their skulls and now baby goats aren't safe.  In my opinion if santeria is so powerful why they couldn't use it to liberate their country.


It's probably a fraudster asking the gods for protection from the cops.

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

That could be related to a "chiva", a snitch. Or somebody's dinner.

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