Best of Miami 2012 - Best Parking in South Beach: 1111 Lincoln

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Best Parking in South Beach
1111 Lincoln
1111 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach

Best is such a subjective word, especially when it comes to parking. The obvious answer is whatever is cheapest and closest, but no one wants to hear your stories of parking glory. "Oh, you found a metered spot right in front of the restaurant? Great, good for you. Guess what? I just parked in what is quite literally the most buzzed-about and architecturally important parking garages of all time." Yes, we're talking about 1111 Lincoln, the Herzog & de Meuron-designed parking paradise that's been featured in every publication from the New York Times to Vanity Fair. You know you wanna drive up in that thing. You know you wanna glide your car into the clean concrete and wide-open vistas. You know you're gonna take a picture from the edge. You know you're gonna casually mention it once you get to wherever you're going. Is it always the most inexpensive and convenient place to park? Probably not. Could you make a strong case that it's the best? Obviously. Just admit it, you newly minted parking elitist.

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Lincoln Road Dermatology

1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

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It's the most inefficient use of space ever. They could've crammed double the spots in there.


Last night: parking at 1111 Lincoln: $20 flat fee. At the movie theater garage for two hours: $8. Cocktail at Juvia: $12 and you still get the view. 

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