Miami vs. Boston Trash Talk: Our Heat Homer and Celtics Fanatic Get Ugly

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Tonight, at last, it ends: Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals starts at 8:30 p.m., and it may well destroy the world as we know it. Okay, the game may only result in the destruction of a few TV sets and cars in the greater Boston and Miami areas, but it'll still be a clash of teams that aren't very fond of one another.

But who's going to come out on top in this battle? We enlisted Chris Joseph, Riptide's Heat super-fan and master of the compound expletive, and Jon Tayler, passionate Celtics fan embedded in enemy territory, to talk trash to each other before tip-off.

Jon Tayler -- Body lotion? Any Cs/Heat trash talk exchange has to start with this goldmine of hilarity: The New York Times' style profile of Dwyane Wade. Did D-Wade know that this was going to be published? Why would he admit that his number one travel accessory is baby wipes, or that he has a ranked list of runway shows he wouldn't miss? It's impressive that on a team with the least self-aware athlete in the history of basketball, Dwyane Wade volunteers that he critiques women's fashion at clubs.

Chris Joseph -- Meta Assholery: Actually any and all Celtics-Heat trash talk exchange starts with the complete assholery that is the entire Boston Celtics organization. Starting with this asshole, who can't help but act like a complete asshole every single chance he gets. The real amazing thing is how he hasn't been repeatedly punched in the asshole for being such an asshole. And an asshole of Rajon Rondo's magnitude playing on a team full of assholes like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, for an asshole franchise run by first ballot member of the asshole Hall of Fame, GM Danny Ainge, is quite impressive. It's a world class team of asshole playing in a city that is filled with the biggest assholes in the entire Western Hemisphere living in the asshole of the Northeast Coast. We've gone meta asshole!

Jon Tayler -- Relyin on the Refs: The truth is, this series shouldn't be tied. Not after the job the referees did in Games 1 and 2. Move your arm in the direction of LeBron or Wade as they shoot? That's a foul. Look at them angrily? That's a foul. Fist bump before tipoff? That's a foul. Erik Spoelstra must love that his offensive planning can be "Let LBJ or Wade drive recklessly to the basket, receive free throws." Not that he's capable of more than that. Any time you can draw up a play where Udonis Haslem takes shots late and close, you have to go with that, right?

Chris Joseph -- ONLY AHWAH TEAM IS ALLAOWED TAH GET BULLSHIT CAWLS FROM THA REFS! Boston fans are still bitching about how they were rawwbed in Games 1 and 2. Because Boston teams NEVER lose. They only get RAWWBED. It's unfathomable to them that maybe, just maybe, the other team is better. Only Boston has "warriors" while the other team can only win with the benefit of bad officiating. This is true across all pro teams in Boston, but never more so than after Games 1 and 2 of this series. It's the typical sense of entitlement wrapped in douche that makes Celtics/Patriots/Red Sox fans truly unique and special. And by unique and special, I mean insufferable dipshits. Never mind that in Game 3 in Boston, LeBron James was grabbed by the hips by Mickael Pietrus, and there was no call. Or the time Ray Allen completely stepped out of bounds while passing to Keyon Dooling who hit what would be a game tilting three-pointer in Game 4. Or every single time LeBron gets hacked and slapped and manhandled on his way to the basket, while the refs swallow their whistles. And it's all fine and good. It's basketball. Bad calls happen. BUT NAWT TAH US! WE DESERVE THA BENEFIT OF THA DOWWT FROM THA REFS BECAWSE AHWAH TEAM IS MOAH IMPORTAAAANT THAN YOAH TEAM!!

Jon Tayler -- What bench? Is there any point in ripping Miami's supporting cast? Shit, even the phrase "supporting cast" gives them too much credit. Why are Eddy Curry and Juwan Howard on Miami's roster? Are they there to carry D-Wade's lotion basket? Did Pat Riley think he'd inherited a homeless shelter and take them in? Do you think Spolestra wakes up in cold sweats at night knowing that he has to play guys like Joel Anthony and Norris Cole? I wonder if he's finished the time machine he needs to go back to 2003 so that Mike Miller and Shane Battier will actually be useful again.

Chris Joseph -- Paul Pierce. That wheelchair incident. Boston fans must live with the shame of it forever, along with the fact that they gave the world Godsmack.

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Miami fans may follow directions on how to dress blah blah but .....we will take our hundred thousand dollar cars and sunny beaches full of beautiful people over your broke ass hoopdy driven druken little fatman fans. White Hot Class FOREVER!!!




Then why on earth are you on New Times to begin with?


About halfway through this I realized how astoundingly lame it was from BOTH 'sides.' The whole 'in your face' style of writing is beyond tedious and predictable at this point, too. The shock value with that went out the window a LOOONG time ago. Boring, gentlemen.


Another sign of Celtics fan arrogance (a nicer word for Chris's first point) is Jon's inability to spell the Heat coach's name correctly. It's SPOELSTRA, Mr. Tailor. GO HEAT!!

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