Filthy Dade County Jail Filled With Mold, Roaches and Leaky Urinals

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via WSVN
A Department of Justice report slammed Miami-Dade County jails for their disgusting conditions back in August of 2011, and now ten months later it doesn't appear anyone has bothered to clean up the place. A corrections officer at the Dade County jail in West Miami-Dade leaked photos of the still deplorable conditions of the jail to WSVN. Mold, leaky pipes, over-flowing urinals, and roaches mar the premises.

"It's very dangerous because we have families that we come home to, and anything that's airborne, we'll of course bring it home, and we have kids and families," the anonymous corrections officer told the station.

via WSVN
Roaches, malfunctioning sewer drains, improper medical screening areas, overcrowded medical cells, poor ventilation, mold and leaky pipes are all problems at the jail according to the officer. The county offered no comment to the news station.

News of deplorable conditions at Miami jails are nothing new.

The DOJ conducted a three-year investigation into conditions at the nation's 8th largest jail system, which, among other things cited the system for "environmental health and sanitation deficiencies at several of the MDCR facilities."

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It's shiteaters like you always have something dumb to say


Those conditions are no different that where most of those ghetto thugs, currently, reside.  Minus their 12 family members in a one bedroom apartment, it's an extension of Section 8 housing.    

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