Florida Foam Party Sends 40 People to Hospital

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As if we needed any more evidence that Florida nightlife anywhere outside of the 305 absolutely sucks, a recent foam party over in Naples failed so hard that it sent at least 40 people to the hospital. Some of the victims even ended up in wheelchairs. There wasn't even any outbreak of violence or a mass slippage. The problem was the foam itself.

According to the Naples Daily News, the party was held Friday, May 25, at the Loft 59 nightclub in Naples. (Judging from their Facebook photos it seems people just really, really love going there. Just look at the joy on people's faces.) Nightclubs in southwest Florida close at 2 a.m., but an hour before the scheduled closing time dozens of soapy people fled the premises. Stinging eyes apparently broke out en masse. Several people tried to wash their eyes out in the bathroom, but bouncers made people leave.

The soap used for foam parties is supposed to be specially formulated to be non-irritable, so no one is quite sure what happened. However, using regular soaps can often led to problems.

"Sometimes, it's in the process of creating the dilution of soap and water," Deb Millsap, a spokeswoman for the Collier County Health Department, tells the Daily News. "Sometimes they get overzealous and the foam gets over people's heads and obviously shorter people are going to get more soap in their eyes."

The party promoter said he used safe soap and the foam only got to shin level. (So, uh, it was only meant to be a shoe ruining party?) Party-goers however say that the foam was being shot up in the air, and was dripping from the ceiling.

The victims sounded like they endured some sort of war.

"I felt like I had shards of glass in my eyes," party-goer Lauren Martin said. "I have never felt so much pain in my life. ... My mom had to feed me. I could not open my eyes until Monday afternoon.

"I've had broken bones before, I was in an accident, but this pain was the worst physical pain I have ever felt," said another victim.

About 40 people showed up to various emergency rooms around the county after the party. Some even had to use wheelchairs to get around. Obviously, talks of lawsuits have emerged.

The moral here: Never go out to a Florida nightclub outside of Miami.

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this is why you wear goggles LOL.  when i used to go to foam parties in the  northeast around 2000, my friends and I would have water bottles ready by where the foam comes out to help people rinse their eyes out because there would always be some messed  up kids that stood to close to the foam cannon.  Knoxc, only people looking to have fun! You don't sound like one of them :)


Who the fuck still goes to foam parties lame...

Chris Foamalicious
Chris Foamalicious

It's the foam solution... So many people are claiming to be safe but the reality is it is NOT! Foamalicious is the only company in the world that has engineered an organic foam solution. This takes away the chemicals, petrol and other horrible ingredients that will cause harm to people and to the planet.(not to mention in some cases cancerous) It unfortunate club promoters for the most part will go with the cheaper stuff to make a little more money. Now look 40 people in the hospital. Shame of people that conduct business like this!



"Only company in the world selling Organic Foam solution specifically made for foam parties!"

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