Florida Teacher Resigns After "Gay Sex Threesome" Video Accidentally Pops Up During Class

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Jose Rosario-Gonzalez, a middle school history teacher in Volusia County, has resigned after a YouTube video titled "Gay Sex Threesome" accidentally popped up during class. Of course, YouTube doesn't allow hard-core pornography on its site, and the video actually never played in front of the students, but it appears Rosario-Gonzalez had made a habit of downloading tons of porn on his school-issued laptop.

Rosario-Gonzalez taught ninth-grade history at Taylor Middle-High School. In mid-May he hooked his laptop up to a projector in class and was scrolling through videos marked as his favorites to find history-related content. However, as he was scrolling through, he passed a video titled "Gay Sex Threesome."

Word got around, and eventually a parent contacted the school to complain, according to WTSP.

"Mr. Rosario was on YouTube, he scrolled through his videos, and there was history videos except for one," one student wrote in a statement. "This was one was titled 'Gay Threesome Sex.' The whole class was saying 'eww' and 'What is that doing on there?' and he just kept scrolling and didn't say anything."

Come on, dude. How new are you to the Internet to be searching YouTube for porn?

According to school documents, the teacher said he "did this on his own time, in the privacy of his home, and it was never his intention to show students."

An investigation was launched, and the school found several files of gay porn on the computer. The computer in question was school property.

According to Daytona Beach News-Journal, Rosario-Gonzalez was also suspended in March for three days after he "directed students to his blog [that] they said sometimes included content or links to material laced with profanity and sexual overtones."

The investigation into the matters would have likely led to the teacher's firing, so he decided to resign instead. However, a Florida Department of Education investigation is still ongoing and could ultimately lead to the removal of his teacher's license.

Let this be a lesson to all teachers: Never use the Internet, at least on school property. It's a dark, dark place.

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