Florida Woman Tries to Deposit 55 Grams of Marijuana at Bank

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Kimberley Kelley, a Dunkin' Donuts employee in St. Augustine, was making a bank deposit for her store Tuesday. Unfortunately she accidentally deposited a little bit more than money. She also stuffed 55 grams of marijuana in the deposit bag and ended up getting arrested. 

Kelley, 30, was making the deposit at a Regions bank on Tuesday. According to News4Jax.com, bank employees told her the deposit slip wouldn't be available until the next day. That's maybe when Kelley realized she'd mixed her stash with the cash and asked the employee if she left anything else in the bag. 

The teller told her there was indeed something else in the bag, but refused to give it back. Kelley then talked to the manager, but no one would give her the pot back. In fact, they called police. 

Which, I'm sorry, is just the worst customer service. Come on banks, be cool. You charge us fee after fee. There's always long lines. The least you can do is just play it cool, pretend to play ignorant and say, "Oh, yes, you did leave this item in your deposit bag. I have no idea what it is. *wink* *wink* Perhaps some oregano. Are you cooking something special tonight with this oregano? Perhaps some oregano donuts. Well, have fun with that, and I will continue doing my job as a bank teller and not as a member of the morality police."

Of course, police did come and arrest Kelley. She was released yesterday on $5,000 bond. 

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I suppose the "cops" who arrested this woman for having a plant God put on the Earth, are proud of themselves.

Crow Jane
Crow Jane

They wouldnt gie it back????? THATS RACIST!!!!!!

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Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal like.author.displayName 1 Like

If I was the bank employee, I would have gone half for you, half for me--finder's fee. 

LegalizeIt like.author.displayName 1 Like

She should move her account elsewhere.

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