Heat Fans Go Crazy In Animated Gifs

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photo by Jacob Katel
Skywalking over Biscayne Boulevard

Early this morning on Biscayne Boulevard, a hot chick in a fully packed SUV stuck her head out the window and screamed "Who wanna get me pregnant tonight!"

Let's just say, it was a wild way to start a Friday.

Now that everyone in the world knows we're the best, here's a massive Cobradick slap to Charles Barkley's stupid face in the form of animated proof that Miami loves basketball, and we the fans appreciate the greatness of the Heat.

Downtown Miami hasn't seen so much white on the streets since the days of the cocaine cowboys.

Bayside was packed shoulder to shoulder with all ages watching tv's from the outside of several bars

Most of the crowd spent the entire game on their feet, going wild at every opportunity, in the hot, and sticky Miami night time air, on the edge of the Biscayne Bay

This entire crowd was watching regular size flat screens that were up to 30 feet away

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from Honduras


Page Two, Third Image: (The two chicks licking each other) Watch the guys in the background, their reaction is priceless


Where did all these Hondurans come from ?

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