Heat Video: Juwan Howard Brushed Off His College Dance Moves

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Juwan Howard Interview - 2012 NBA Championship Parade - YouTube.jpg
The Heat's 2012 NBA Championship was not only historic for giving LeBron James his first championship. A member of the University of Michigan's Fab Five also finally netted a ring for the first time thanks to Juwan Howard. To celebrate yesterday inside the AAA, Howard dusted off some of his college dance moves and reintroduced the cabbage patch.

Here's the full video of Howard talking about his time at Michigan:

If you're in ADHD mode though, here's the money shot, complete with LeBron and Wade backup moves.

Howard and his 1991 Michigan teammates, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson, helped redefine the game of college basketball with their style and attitude in probably the closest thing the college hard court saw to what happened on the University of Miami gridiron in the '80s. Though, the team never managed to hoist the trophy, and none of the players slipped a ring on their fingers in their time in the NBA. Well, until now.

Howard's move are nothing new, he also broke them out at his time in Michigan.

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