Miami Herald Misidentifies Carl Bernstein as Carol Bernstein

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The name Carl Bernstein is drilled into the heads of journalism students in J-schools across the country. He's the Pulitzer Prize winner who uncovered the Watergate scandal with Bob Woodward at The Washington Post. He is a journalism deity. He is also a man. Named Carl. Somehow, however, on Sunday The Miami Herald accidentally misspelled his byline as Carol Bernstein. He did not recently decide to switch genders.

Bernstein and Woodward reunited to write a retrospective on Watergate's 40th anniversary for The Post. The Herald re-ran this on Sunday. According to Romenesko, it carried this byline in print.

Then came this online correction:

Ha. Ha. Ha. We apologize to anyone who does not care about journalism things and/or irony.

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Grant Stern
Grant Stern

Yep, they gave one to the WaPo, but not to him either.  The Herald is really lacking in editorial resources these days and I'm noticing more errors all the time.

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