Here's a Video of a Young Thunder Fan Crying and Screaming "I Hate Miami" After Game Three

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Are we really going to do this? Are we really going to all post and watch a video of young Oklahoma City Thunder fan crying and screaming after the Heat beat his beloved team in Game 3? We guess his weird parents decided it would be cool to upload it to the Internet, and we guess decided it was cool to post. So we guess we're doing this.

We're just going to make ourselves feel better about laughing by pretending this kid is not going through actual emotions, but is actually a master actor doing his best impression of the nation's sports media by screaming "I hate Miami" and "I hate him" (meaning LeBron) through a face smeared with tears and snot.

There is something actually quite poignant about the kid screaming "I hate him. I used to like him but I hate him," when asked about LeBron James. His mother asks why. He snorts, "I don't know. I just hate him." This is the reasoning employed by a lot of adult basketball fans as well. Don't worry, Wade, Bosh, Battier and Spoelstra get name checked in the hate department as well.

And, just for comparison, here's a Miami youngster reacting to a heartbreaking Heat loss.

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YOU MAD, LIL BRO????????????????????


you should've seen me after game 1

Jhonny seafood
Jhonny seafood

You know what they say, "Monkey see, monkey do",  the kid is just a reflection of his father. Go HEAT!!!!!  Kick the Thunders ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

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