Is This the Craziest Florida Mug Shot of the Year?

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Is this the cover of an upcoming death metal album? No. Is this a promotional still for the latest movie in the Saw franchise? Nope. Is it the craziest Florida mug shot of the year? Quite possibly.

According to WFTV, 29-year-old Kelsey Smith was found incapacitated behind the wheel of a car stopped at an intersection in Deltona, Florida. The car reeked of alcohol. His eyes were bloodshot and glassy. His speech was slurred.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office deputies tried to get Smith to exit the car, but he refused. He smashed his face into the car and then began spitting blood at the deputies. Naturally, they took out their Tasers and stunned him into submission, but the struggle wasn't over.

Once Smith was taken to jail, he continued fighting with deputies. He refused to sit still for a mug shot, so gloved officers were forced to hold his head into position as he got his close-up. In one final act of defiance, he stuck out his blood-stained tongue.

Sorry, naked Florida woman who was found touching herself at an intersection, but you've been outdone this year in the category of Craziest Florida Mug Shot.

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I just can't, nor wish to, imagine how many kinds of stink he dragged in with him.


Look at those pupils!  That is not the effect of alcohol my friends.... 


volusia county represent

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