Man Caught Filming Nude Hooters Models Tells Cops "I've Never Had A Girlfriend"

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via Miami Dade Corrections
Ronald Rolfes
Give Ronald Rolfes points for honesty. The heavyset, 31-year-old Georgia man was caught on Sunday secretly recording women undressing backstage during the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant at the Fontainebleau Hotel. When police confronted him with the video evidence of his crimes, he had a simple explanation.

"Man to man, I did it because I've never had a girlfriend," he told police, the Miami Herald reports.

Rolfes was working the event (which our own Skrawberry checked out in person over the weekend) with the Waterbabies Bikini company. He'd paid his own way to come to the show and help work security at the door, Waterbabies' owner tells the Herald.

But Rolfes had ulterior motives for coming to the Miami Beach pageant. Midway through the show, a frantic contestant ran up to a police officer to report finding a camera in a half-open backpack propped up under a chair in the backstage changing area.

Rolfes didn't exactly plan the perfect crime; earlier footage on the device showed him turning on the camera and setting it up under the chair.

When confronted by police, he admitted he'd set up video camera, and offered his sad (but likely true) excuse.

He's charged with video voyeurism, a misdemeanor.

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Nudist camp
Nudist camp

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"Waterbabies" Bikini Company is funny--I've heard that making waterbabies is when a guy ejaculates in the shower.


maybe he's never had a girlfriend because he gives women a creepy vibe.

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