Marco Rubio Still Has More Than $100,000 in Student Loans

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Still bogged down by ridiculous student loans? Don't even worry about it. Obviously, if you work real, real hard in the name of this great country of America and love capitalism enough you'll pay them off in no time.

Oh, wait, what's that? Senator Marco Rubio, who is 41 years old, is still bogged down by more than $100,000 in student loans? Well, that's depressing.

Rubio released his financial disclosures today, and records show he still has more than $100,000 in debt to ol' Sallie Mae. Members of congress are allowed to report their financial holdings and debts in large ranges, so the exact amount is unknown. He also reported student debt loan in the same range last year.

Rubio spent his first year of college at Takio College on a football scholarship, but then transferred to Santa Fe Community College before eventually graduating from University of Florida. He then earned his law degree from University of Miami in 1996.

So, to put that in perspective, Rubio has been out of college for 16 long years, only logged law school at a private school, and still owes something in the six figures.

The Buzz also reports other debts Rubio has:
Rubio, 41, also reports a 30-year mortgage on rental property in Tallahassee, a 30-year home loan valued at between $250,001 and $500,000 (Congress is allowed to report in broad ranges, to the chagrin of reporters and watchdog groups) as well as a 10-year home equity loan at between $100,001 and $250,000.
Besides his Senatorial salary, Rubio also picked $14,000 for teaching at FIU, a few thousands for stock sales, and some money from his wife's consulting business.

Though, Rubio's financial problems may be solved by next year. He's got a memoir coming out this month, and reportedly got paid a pretty penny to write it.

So, people with students loan, just become the poster child of a political movement, get elected to Senate, and write a book. Then you'll never have to worry about student loans again.

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Rubio, O Rubio, will you ever be honest with yourself?

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 The same Marco Rubio? That Talks Big but Fails to Deliver?  Why keep trotting out this Marco Rubio=Anchor Baby character? He has nothing to say and basically no one gives =Running on Empty aka joke One committee paid relatives nearly $14,000 for what was incorrectly described to the IRS as "courier fees" and listed a nonexistent address for one of them. Another committee paid $5,700 to his wife, who was listed as the treasurer, much of it for "gas and meals. Rubio's 2010 senate campaign was fined $8,000 by the Federal Elections Committee for receiving "prohibited, excessive and other impermissible contributions totaling $210,173.09. the College degree scam The Education Complex has created this stigma that somehow you are lacking if you don't have a college degree. If everyone has a college degree, then by definition that degree is devalued and not worth the paper it is written on. This is evident by the fact the many organizations are requiring a master degree to be eligible for management. I find this offensive. It is obviously in their own self interest to perpetuate this myth.Now that everyone believes this myth, they tell you that if you take out a $50,000 easy government loan and be a slave to the payments for the rest of your life you will have a good job and be fulfilled.Right, while you end up living with your parents because you can't find a job. If you were poor you are now poor and in debt up to your neck. Many will be in debt for most of their lives with no value from their worthless degree a college degree does not guarantee a job

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