Miami Beach Will Soon Fine You If You Don't Recycle (Well, Not Actually)

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Study up on the numbers on the bottom of your plastic bottles, Miami Beach residents, because the City Commission has passed an ordinance that will make recycling mandatory in the city. Those who don't comply could face fines of up to $2,500. Well, not really, because the city doesn't actually plan to enforce the new ordinance.

According to Local 10, the ordinance& will go into effect in July 2013. The first offense will cost you $350, the second $500, the third $1000, and the fourth could cost up to $2500.

Of course, there's also this:
Commissioners said the ordinance mirrors others in the county, but admit they do not have money to enforce it. So, it will not be enforced for now.

They do hope the ordinance raises awareness about recycling.
Are you not aware of recycling? Well, it's pretty easy. In Miami-Dade County, you don't even have to sort things anymore, and if you can order a cart by calling 311. Miami Beach's website has more info. This may be a toothless law, but it's never a bad idea to recycle.

Well, unless you're a weird, right-wing radio host who traffics in conservative conspiracy theories, like say, Alex Jones. Here's what his website,, has to say on the matter:
Mandatory recycling ordinances represent another example of how big government is exploiting the environmental movement to increase regulation and big brother snooping on Americans' private lives.

Local authorities across the U.S. are using cutting edge technology to spy on the contents of people's trash cans and issue them with fines for non-compliance.
OK then. Miami Beach, by the way, does not plan to use "cutting edge technology" to spy on you. Just to make that clear.

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The problem is that the City waste management only collects recycling from single family homes, and condo and apartment buildings have to contract with a waste company and pay for recycling (as they do for their garbage too), so that's why most buildings don't have it. For our condo of 50 units it's only $60 a month, on top of $250 for garbage, so it's not much. The law is to make sure the buildings offer recycling for residents. It would be nice if they'd enforce it!


not going to spy on us!? You can't compromise with total tyranny!


We have buildings like the flamingo holding anywhere from 3000 - 5000 people, with zero recycling recepticles. Not letting anyone recycle!!! Now a 2500$ fine that they say theyre not going to enforce.This city is run by du-- fu-k immigrant communists.


you're kdding me? going from not allowing citizens to recycle to this? I've been trying to recycle for 3 years in this sh-t city  without the recycling bins. F--k you!

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