Miami Youth Hockey Coach Charged With Molestation of Former Player

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photo by Jacqueline Carini
Joe Timpone behind the bench.

Six years ago, Miami New Times profiled a group of teens from Miami-Dade taking part in the unconventional-to-south Florida sport of ice hockey. Known as the Miami Toros Junior Hockey Club, the team was coached and owned by a Long Island native named Joseph Timpone. The article notes how Timpone -- or, as his players nicknamed him, "Tampon"-- was fond of getting up close and personal: "He visits with each of his teenage charges and asks them how things are going, about their girlfriends, jobs or school, to clear out any cobwebs of stress or distraction that might inhibit their play in the game ahead."

Police now say that Timpone was interested in more than just the personal lives of his players. The former Toros coach faces charges of lewd molestation after an incident last year in which he allegedly molested a 12-year-old player.

According to the arrest report, Timpone was with his team at a hotel in Maitland on Sep. 3, 2011, when he texted the victim, telling him to come to an empty room. There, Timpone allegedly told the victim to remove his clothing, then applied oil to the victim's legs and buttocks and began to massage him. The touching went on for 45 minutes, only to be interrupted when Timpone heard someone calling for the victim in the hallway. 

At that point, police say he told the victim to shower and get dressed and to keep the encounter a secret. He also allegedly told the victim that he was "big for his age," apparently referring to his penis.

But the victim's parents and brother -- who were also at the hotel -- soon learned what had happened. They noticed the victim's wet hair and asked him where he had been. Though the boy was initially reluctant to talk, he eventually told them about Timpone's improper conduct.

Timpone was taken into custody on Dec. 8 in Orange County. He has plead not guilty to the charges. His lawyer, David Setzer, declined to comment. Jane Johnson -- co-owner of the Toros' home, the Kendall Ice Arena -- did not respond to a request for comment, though she is listed on the arrest report as a witness. The report notes that "suspect [Timpone] told her [Johnson] that he massaged victim's legs."

Timpone stepped down as the coach of the Toros in July of 2008 but remained the general manager and owner of the club until last October. The current coach of the Toros, Paul Healey, didn't know any specifics, but was aware that Timpone had left the program for less-than-ideal reasons.

"I had a good idea of what had happened, but everything was up in the air," Healey says.

Timpone's trial is set to begin next month.

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This is a letter that was previously sent to USA Hockey concerning Joe Tampon !!  Gentlemen, I read with great interest and amusement the BLAST from Joe Timpone on the FIU vs. UM hockey game billed as the first ever hockey game in Miami-Dade County. First of all, FIU had a club team in 2001 that played Emory Riddle and several other schools in games held at Kendall Ice Arena. Second, that SAHOF puts up with this guy and allows him to be a part of it doesn't say a lot about SAHOF's integrity. This guy has done more to hurt hockey in Miami-Dade than anyone I've ever seen - by far! He has taken a vibrant men's 11-team league and run it into the ground - Kendall Ice Arena no longer has a men's league as all the teams except two left because of him. Also, when he did have a men's league, he sold it as USA Hockey sanctioned, but rarely had referees who were certified to work that level - in some cases not certified at all - working the games. Most certified referees wouldn't work Kendall because of him and the fact they more often than not would get screwed out pay for some of their games. That's not to mention there often wasn't even a scorekeeper at men's league games and the referees had to run the clock in addition to officiating the game Most kids stay in his travel program only a year or two before they either move to Pines or Incredible, or quit hockey all together because the parents don't want their kids exposed to him. But the thing I'm most concerned about and I'm amazed SAHOF isn't, is that he pushes kids who have just barely learned to skate and entered Kendall's in-house program into playing travel hockey. Hasn't anybody at SAHOF seen some of the Toros games? The whole game is played in their zone with scores like 26-0. Many of the parents I've spoken with say their child has become disenchanted with a game they were so enthusiastic about and will no longer play hockey after this season ends. Kids in this program are told to play up two age classes in order to fill our a roster - in one case a 12-year old playing Midget U16. Isn't anybody at SAHOF concerned that these inexperienced and vastly under-aged players will get injured? Is it only about the money? Are you intimidated by Timpone? What will it take to get your attention on this matter, some youngster paralized for life? This guy is a SOCIOPATH - look up the definition - who is only allowed to continue at Kendall Ice Arena because of the disfunctional ownership group at Kendall Ice Arena. Hasn't anyone seen him attack the referees and rant at his players in a travel game? Is this what SAHOF wants their organization to be represented by? Maybe you don't even know about him calling Johnny DiPasquale behind a referee's back and telling Johnny the referee told him he didn't want to work the games at Kendall that he'd been assigned for. When Johnny called the referee to ask why he didn't call him directtly, the referee didn't know what he was talking about. Then on Saturday morning when the referee showed up at Kendall, Timpone wouldn't let him in the rink! He was going to have the games officiated by only one referee and tell Johnny that the referee he wouldn't let in never showed up. And, this guy who needs to be disciplined, is actually on your Disciplinary Committee? That part of my USA Hockey registration fee goes to SAHOF, an organization that tolerated this type of behavior, grates on me. I have played, officiated, coached and loved hockey for many years and Timpone almost made me quit. Kendall is only a few minutes from where I live, but I drive 40 minutes to Pines several times a week to stay involved in this great game. I thought SAHOF's mission as part of USA HOCKEY was to grow the game in Florida. Because of Timpone the game in South Florida is declining. In this FIU/UM press release Timpone talks about the game being "One more example of the growth of ice hockey in Miami/Dade," Are you kidding? He is chasing people away. Is that what you stand for?


WHY are you sending me this? Are you some type of ‘nut job’? From: Hockey Parent [] Sent: Monday, 13 February, 2012 10:33To:;;; 10investigates; 10sports; 4news; 6reporter; 6sports; 7newsCc:;;;;; 10editer; Dad at Junior Hockey News;;;;;; sports@myfoxorlando.comSubject: Joseph Timpone , FORMER Hockey Director Kendall Ice Arena To All It May Concern : Coach Joe "as he affectionately called himself" , Joseph Anthony Timpone was ARRESTED for Lewd or Lascivious MOLESTATION and extradited to Orange County on December 5, 2011 filed under Uniform Case Number 482011CF016294000AOX by the Clerk of Courts for Orange County where the case was filed. Please search under criminal records in Orange County Clerk of Courts under Joseph Timpone. The original charge was processed as LEWD LASCIVIUOS ACT IN PRESENCE OF CHILD UNDER 16 YOA called statute 800.04 but during investigation changed to present listed on court website as Statute 800.04(5)(c)(2) MOLESTATION. Upon research, he left a rink in New Jersey after having overnights with kids in the name of team bonding, went to Colorado where a special locker room was constructed so he could lecture kids while they showered in the name of team bonding, then came to Miami Kendall Ice Arena 6 years ago where he also constructed a team locker room with showers where he could also build team bonding ! Parents have prevented their kids from testifying before in New Jersey and Colorado so he has never previously been prosecuted. Suspected victims are 11 and younger and no one would like to put their child thru that testimony. I have wondered why the news has not picked this up and publicised it when you think of the cases like Penn State in the news now


Why don't you ask the kids in the New Jersey Rink or the ones in Colorado ? Burn in Hell  Joe Tampon you sicko !!!

K Anserson
K Anserson

Joe Timpone was in appropriate in his behavior; however, I do not believe he molested anyone or had any intentions of a sexual manner ever with any of his players. I hope he gets a fair trial.

Angry Concerned Hockey Parent
Angry Concerned Hockey Parent

Why don't the investigators contact the Red Rink Armory in New Jersey where he was 12 years ago or the rinks in Colorado where he was ? People were warned at Kendall over 6 years ago but were told that if you can find a Hockey Director who works as cheap as he does, then we would fire him. Tampon was always a piece of crap who was arrested before on other charges that were expunged. That weekend of this arrest, he was also involved in an assault case, What about the mom of a mite player who cosigned a loan for him to get a car which he stopped paying on and she was then banned from the rink by that Jane Johnson and Mary Lucifer , part of the ownership group ! How many checks has he bounced and how many other people has he slandered and abused ? There are many other suspected things that he has done that have not been brought to light because of threats by him for Libel and Slander ! When Dan Lupo ran the hockey program, he had four teams at each level in rec league and was building a travel program but it just took a short time for Tampon to destroy hockey there. He closed his Junior Program in the middle of the season and supposedly the parents did not get their money back, not unlike similiar scenarios that supposedly occurred with his teams in Colorado. Hockey websites have deleted other instances of strange behaviour by Timpone, like building a private locker room where he could talk with the players while they showered which he supposedly did here and back in Colorado. Supposedly he picked young victims so they could not or would not be forcd to testify against him by their parents who wanted to spare their child the embarassment and humiliation of being grilled on the stand by an attorney.I wonder if the investigators contacted the previous places who may not have wanted to get involved because they did not press charges so Joe could threaten to sue them for defamation and libel. I wonder what hockey program that he will try to latch onto next ? USA Hockey immediately suspended him from all activities and has investigated him before for complaints so he probably should not be allowed into any rinks or child related activities until this case is resolved. I know that you are innocent until proven guilty but if you investigate like I have, then you would believe the victim over Joe Tampon and hope he would get the severest penalty if convicted !Read more here:

Eric Rambipambibambi
Eric Rambipambibambi

I wrote to your paper to investigate this scumbag Joe Tampon when your article first came out called Breakaway.  I warned people about him over 6 years ago and now people are now finding out that I was correct about him.  There were rumors of alcohol on the team bus that your reporter traveled on with him while writing the original story, and if those rumors were true, you can draw your own conclusions. Maybe you should have followed up in the beginning and contacted the Red Rink Armory in New Jersey where he worked 12 years ago and followed up by contacting previous rinks in Colorado but you never investigated. Hopefully the investigators can pick up more leads and put this creep away for a long time. If this had been investigated properly years ago, when even your reporter saw his private Toros lockerroom with the built in showers, wher supposedly TAMPON lectured the kids while they showered for team bonding, and also supposedly had the same lockerroom situation in Colorado. He may not have been found guilty yet but I don't think this scumbag should be around kids and if everyone had listened 6 years ago, maybe this could have been prevented.  Burn in Hell Joe Tampon because you will always find people like me who are out to stop scumbags like you !!! And here is a link to a previous arrest which was expunged... but not successfully from me you piece of garbage !!! 

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