Snake in Ceiling Closes Miami Beach Post Office

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Miami Beach has had it with this mother fucking snake in this mother fucking post office.

Yes, a snake crawling around light fixtures has caused the retail area of a Miami Beach post office to remain closed since yesterday.

The snake was spotted yesterday warming itself inside a light fixture in the ceiling of the post office, located at 1661 West Ave, according to Local 10. The snake is grey with a white belly. Local 10 says it's about two feet, but WSVN says it could be up to four feet.

A manager tried to get the snake out, but was unsuccessful. So the retail area of the office was closed up and a trapper was called.

However, the trapper wasn't able to arrive before closing time.

Employees showed up again this morning, turned on the lights, and quickly spotted the snake in a light fixture once again. So, the office remains closed as they all sit around waiting for the snake trapper.

The self service and P.O. Box areas of the office remain open, however.

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Yes Vanessa , I spoke to the guy ( Mike ) from Trapper John, he got the snake. Hope there are no family members hanging around.


Man you are so right !  And Trapper John Animal Control  guy was very quick , and it was done ! 

Chris, Your West Ave Neighbor
Chris, Your West Ave Neighbor

"However, the trapper wasn't able to arrive before closing time." So that's why the snake was still in the building this Morning.  Good to see a GSE that is losing millions of dollars a year cant have someone wait around to make sure taxpayers get to use a service they sponsor. 


I love that no one was willing to wait for the trapper.  And the USPS wonders why they are losing money....this is across teh street from me, hope they find that puppy soon!

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