Spear Successfully Removed from Teen Boy's Head; X-Ray Photos Released

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Jackson Memorial Hospital is on something of a streak. After holding a press conference updating the public on their successful treatment of face-eating victim Ronald Poppo, the hospital today revealed details to the public of how they managed to save a Miami teenager after he wound up with a spear in his forehead after an accident involving a spear gun.

via WSVN
The 16-year-old boy, Yasser Lopez, was fishing with a friend near the 5200 block of SW 139th Place on Thursday, June 7. The boys were loading a spear gun when it accidentally went off and hit Lopez right above his right eye. The boy was conscious when he was airlifted to JMH.

The hospitals released photos today showing that the spear actually penetrated all the way through Lopez's head, and exited through the other side.

According to the hospital's Tweets, doctors removed the spear during a three-hour surgery. Dr. Ross Bullock, a trauma neurosurgeon, said that miraculously the spear missed major vessels in Lopez's brain.

Doctors say Lopez may not need further surgery, and may regain his ability to speak.

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Could one imagine what was going through the boy’s mind (was he even able to logically think at the time?) as he was being rushed to hospital. A mental gymnastic must have included the following: Will I go blind, able to speak logically, lose nerve feelings, be stuck with a spear sticking out of my head for eternity or worse will I live another day after this one if the blood doesn’t stop? The moral of the lesson; Don’t despair in the event you one day find a spear or a metal rod suddenly jammed in your skull, there’s hope for you yet. http://scallywagandvagabond.com/2012/06/video-teen-pierced-with-3-ft-fishing-spear-expected-to-make-full-recovery/


And some think there is no God!

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