The Daily Show Rips Rick Scott's Voter Registration Laws

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Among the number of new voter registration shenanigans being pursued by Gov. Rick Scott, perhaps his new law that requires third-party voter registration groups turn in forms within 48 hours seems the most arbitrary and bizarre. The Daily Show doesn't quite understand it either, so last night they sent correspondent John Oliver down to our fair state to figure out what exactly could happen to those forms after 48 hours. Hint: it may involve cocaine and goats.

As John Oliver points out, new voter registration could be down 20 percent thanks to the law and they way it has discourage third-party groups from registering new voters even though voter fraud is relatively rare. Oliver attempts to get conservative talking heads to explain the reasoning, and, well, they really can't.

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I've said it once, and I will keep saying it..Rick Scott is a disgrace to this state. It is a miracle he has managed to stay in office this long, but that only proves that money talks in Capitol Hill. I wonder how he wakes up in the morning and decides "what am I going to do today so I can fuck up Florida and come out on The Daily Show". Fuck you for fucking up this great state. From the bottom of my heart, Fuck You Rick Scott!!


Our Republican Governor and his cohorts in Tallahassee are a boon to comedy writers. 

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