Video: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Lip Dub "Call Me Maybe" in Bikinis

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As if Carly Rae Jepsen's perfect little pop tune "Call Me Maybe" wasn't already set to become the song of the summer, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders have come along to help bounce it in that direction. Yeah, there's certainly a lot of bouncing going on in this video.

While on location in the Dominican Republic shooting their 2013 calendar, the girls of Sun Life Stadium decided to film a lip dub to the Canadian ear worm in nothing but bikinis.

Lauren Tannehill who?

The song has already received lip sync tributes from the Florida Gators baseball team, the Harvard baseball team, and Barack Obama ... sort of. Of course, all those versions miss a key ingredient to internet success: bikinis. If only the Dolphins cheerleaders had somehow included cats in this video, it would be a visual representation of everything the internet cares about.

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Very exciting and refreshing too... What was that #


Please give us the link Izzy


I hope the little girl in the ball pit hung out with some lady scientists afterwards to cancel this out 

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